3 Ways to Kick Out Writers Block !

Writers block

Writers block


Have you ever heard of writers block as a blogger or a freelance writer? if not, then please leave this place as soon as possible.I’m asking you to leave because if you start learning about this shit without knowing anything about it then I’m sure you’ll get into this weird feeling.Actually I’m blogging since 2 years but I havn’t experienced much writers block well don’t ask me why because I don’t really know why.

I write and blog for passion and I love learning about internet marketing stuffs more than anything.But when I find some time to write some crazy articles and when I get into this writers block, no words to explain Writers Block sucks like anything.Actually writers block is caused due to many issues happening on your day to day life and internet life as well.You may have got into some weird situations or feelings with your family members or friends or even your girlfriend or boyfriend.But when you start writing you’ve to kick out those brainy situations from your brain and start writing from the inner scratch of hypothalamus(Oblangatta to be precise).Some feelings can be kicked out and some cannot be kicked out and it entirely depends on your control and the feelings and even the situations either.All we need is kicking out ! and let me tell you some simple and crazy tips to kick out writers block in you.

A Bath?

Do you bath everyday? just kidding dude 😛 because I know you won’t read this without bathing, anyways let it be.Taking a bath is the best way to kick out writers block, trust me it helps a lot.I’m not asking you to rush into the bathroom and take a quick bath.Just patiently walk around , take your towel and go to your bath room.Using the soap is not that necessary though still take a bath, use the mug again and again or the shower may be even both , but all you need is continuous water flow on your head.Just flush out all your crazy mindset and brainy thoughts and feel free for sometime.After the bath just start writing.

Change the Mindset

You may have read “Don’t Give a Shit” use this statement and play a game with your brain because it helps a lot.Even though we cannot skip those thoughts like that, still try.Actually people like me I mean I can easily kick out the brainy situations within seconds through this statement and I can start writing anytime.But everyone got different characters and self control so things work differently for them.

Just don’t give a shit to those talks and situations, keep calm and wash your brain with your brain.If you can’t develop a system on your brain for that.I’m sure it helps.

A Sleep ?

Writers block can be cured easily with a sleep.Actually while we sleep our brain and the whole body becomes free, all our internal activities and parts get a deep rest.Sleep for a hour or 2, wake with the full energy and take a bath if you are interested.Come write up, I’m sure you’ll rock.All we need is to be free and kick out the wrongs things running on our head and that results in making our mindset free and hence you can easily write your heart without a block I mean shitty writers block.


  1. Hey Krishna,

    That’s a great post. Writer’s block is the biggest enemy of mine. I will try these strategies to kick it off and I hope that you’ll help in future too. Will you?

    The point, have a bath attracted my mind and it is pretty good explained 🙂 Going to have a bath. Maybe I will feel refreshed and will write some fresh content which everyone will like.

    Thanks for Sharing
    ~Nitin Singh

  2. WRITERS BLOCK!!! A 2-letter word that sounds very easy-to-do or may I say easy-to-overcome but its not that damn easy…right Krishna! Well, the superb tricks you’ve listed out here are not, obviously, extremely rare but seems to be very easy to understand and useful too!!

    Will get my hands on all of these very soon!


  3. Hi Krishna !

    Really nice and useful post. Actually writer’s block is part and parcel in blogger’s life. But when it hits, a better idea it to leave everything and take proper rest. Let you mind, body and soul rest and then come back with a Bang-Bang. 🙂

    Thanks for Sharing !

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