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Analyze the Perfect Status Of Your Keyword

keyword status

keyword status

Search engine optimization is very important for our blogs as well as for your website In order to make money or even to get some fame out of it.You may have tried applying seo techniques on your blog In order to rank for some keywords , ah yes keywords are everything and if we get a potential keyword then damn sure we’ll be working on that keyword to rank out article and what we get is traffic , exposure and hence some indirect sales 🙂 but ranking has never become easier for a high potential keyword, if you take a look at Adwords keyword planner searching some creepy keywords you’ll come to know the real competition happening in the seo world.Competition , competition and competition every where but we are not giving up, still we work hard to make our work easier I mean like we should get some easy methods to rank our keywords so for that we need to analyse the keyword hah so let me explain you the best possible methods to analyse a keyword.

Use Adwords or Paid Tools

A good amount of blogger are using the Adwords Keyword planner to research keywords and yes google is the best and you can find the best keyword with the help of keyword planner , finding the best keyword matters a lot and you have to keep your days for that job, work smarter and find a keyword that works.I personally use SEMRush for keyword research and competitor analysis and I should say it’s the best one I’ve ever seen , here use this semrush coupon to get free 14 day pro account worth $60 🙂 .So use either keyword planner of semrush or any other paid of free good tools to get the hell out of your online business whether it’s a blog or website or whatever.

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Hey! Who is that ?

Competitors competitors and competitors everywhere so what can we do , aha we can do anything if we have a passion and interest right ,? So let’s hunt the competitors website and learn about how they’ve managed their blog post to rank or search , the best method to kill them is to find their weakness and if they’ve done negative seo then you are lucky 😉

Use Ahrefs

Backlink analysis is one of the most important stuff you need to be taken care of.After finding the competitors who are ranking just analyse the blog and especially the article with ahrefs which is an analysis tool.With the help of this tool you can easily learn about the Backlinks status of your competitors.Im using a tool called monitorbacklinks which is a quite useful stuff to learn about the Backlinks strategy behind a blog or website hope that helps 🙂

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Their Keywords

Every keyword in this world have a synonymous keyword, for example rabbit is also known as bunny.difficult job to find that keyword but if you do then you gonna rock on serp.Seriously these keywords are going to help you a lot.You may find those keywords from your competitors article or even from keyword research tools. 🙂 whatever you do doesn’t matter but what you apply is all that matters 🙂 if you know what I mean.

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That’s over

So now you’ve the keyword , you know the competitors and you know the synomyous keywords so take a deep breath and write an article that rock on serp


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    I have a concern, I am using SmallSEOTool to check keyword position. Some time this tool shows that my site ranked on 30 position in Google search result for a particular keyword, but if I manually search that keyword on Google than my site is nowhere in top 100 results.
    It will be great if you can tell me why this happen?

  7. Nice article! I completely agree with you ahref is a great tool to analyze websites, track social media and build backlinks. Thanks for sharing.

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