Being healthy is all we want, whatever may be the topic we don’t care.All we need is to be healthy and wealthy.We eat good food and we maintain an etiquette while eating food to keep our body healthy and we blog to become wealthy as well.Blog is something like a thing with some kinda life, you may feel weird reading this but still I consider my blog as a holy place and I try to act like that.Yes, I make money with my blog but still I respect my blog as well.

I hate making my blog inactive but due to some of my situations happening around , I’m unable to finish the day out writing an article.Especially some times I feel bad when I check my blog traffic and alexa status because its flowing down like Niagrafalls and seriously that sucks.That’s one of the only reason why I’m writing this line.I’m really interested in keeping my blog healthy and I know the advantage of making my blog healthy.I swear it helps me more than becoming self healthy 😛 .Whatever, according to my point of view there are some of the best points you’ve to be taken care of to maintain the health of your blog.Let me explain them 🙂

Update : Every.Single.Time

Update your blog whenever you get time, it doesn’t matter whether you’re busy or whether you’re out of topic or whatever.If you’re not updating your blog at least weekly whatever may be the reason I’ll call you a dump ass and I’m on of them 🙂 but I’m sure not anymore.Updating your log helps you in many ways.There are a lot of advantages in updating your blog daily, like you’ll get more loyal readers, your traffic and seo and even alexa status will increase.Your blog will get more authorized and if you can provide meaningful content then you’ll rock.

Especially don’t make semantic errors ! Whoops, you wonder why the hell am I talking about errors? sorry to say bro I’m more into programming languages these days.Semantic errors basically occurs when you make meaningless statements, similarly when you make meaningless articles and bullshit statements probably all you gonna receive is a piece of shit from the readers.I’m sure you don’t want that.Be careful 🙂

Traffic – Quality Traffic

If content is the king of a blog then traffic is the queen.Anyone can bring any kinda traffic to your site even some blah blah sites but we don’t want that kinda traffic right? seriously we hate getting that kinda traffic to our blog.Just think about this situation when you get traffic to your tech blog from TechCrunch? Its like people saying “Hey the iPhone 6 sucks” actually if you gift them an iphone 6 their jaws will drop but they are pretty sure that they won’t get one on hands, so they start trolling those iphone stuffs.

Similarly, you’re getting traffic from other silly blogs, social media or some low quality traffic but if you get real pure quality traffic, will you say a no? of course not.So it’s more better to concentrate on amazing high quality traffic to grab more loyal readers and subscribers which is highly necessary to take your blog to the next level.Stuff your blog with quality traffic and make it healthy.

Design and Trends


We may be healthy inside but if we dress like a buffalo then I’m sure people hate that looks.You may not give a shit to those people around you but if you’re giving shits your dressing style then you should take care of your trends and designs.Just like that make up your blog and arrange the stuffs with the current trends and well add new features too.

Everything is on your hands and you can module in any way you like.Just frap around and make necessary edits to make your blog look awesome and trendy as heave.I’m sure people will love that. Take your time and make your blog healthy.