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The Month Of June! – Blogbeatz Report



The Month of may was awesome for all the bloggers out there, and I made an article about it explaining my blogging activities on may.After the month of may something great as well as weird happened to the industry of SEO and that’s nothing but the Panda Update by the lord Google.Actually the panda update was very painful for many bloggers out there and even it was a boon for many bloggers as well.Even the big networks like Ebay lost a good amount of traffic.

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What About the Month June?

Well, if you ask me about the month June and my blogging activities, then I should say it was quite good.When I started blogbeatz on the first ever month I just generated $100 and on the second month it doubled to $200 and finally to $1000 in the month of may and I’ve done it with 4 months.Yes blogbeatz is the just 5 months old and you can check that here  .I don’t think that making $1000 from a blog within 5 months as a big deal because there are expert monetizers making around $20000 a month. Anyways some major changes happened with blogbeatz last month and let me tell you more about it 🙂 .


Do you think that traffic is the most important thingy which a blog wants? Yes, may be! but no in my case.Actually getting a lot of traffic doesn’t make any sense but if you can get pure quality “readers” that counts.To be frank Blogbeatz social media traffic decreased last month and the reason behind that is me 🙂 I stopped social media promotional activities and I concentrated more on my search engine traffic.


Traffic decreased a lot and Conversions increased a lot, last month I started working seriously on affiliate marketing ,because the the two other primary income source “Clients and Sponsored Reviews” are not at all consistent.So I decided to work on affiliate marketing because day by day my responsibilities are increasing a bit.I started affiliate marketing and made a good amount of money out of it.


Sorry to say, I was not actively posting these days due to some of my clients and some upcoming projects and affiliate marketing 🙂 Anyways I’ll manage it no issues.Actually one of my article just rocked on the social media and if you’ve missed it? then read it here

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Income Report

Clients  : SEO Project and Panda Recovery : $400

Affiliate Program ( SEMrush and Others )   : $350

Coaching Clients                                                     : $100

Total                                                                            : $850

Yes, I know that’s kinda low but that’s more enough for me to maintain my lifestyle and its increasing day by day.Especially I’m not concentrating on other stuffs.I’m concentrating only on some highly paying clients + Affiliate marketing that’s it 🙂 So hope you also enjoyed my report as the well the month of June! Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂



  1. Great to know that you are becoming more and more success in the field of blogging !!! Hope to be like you one day….

    Also Visit my website:

    • you are right traffic does’nt matter, quality content and pure readers matter.. keep doing which you think is best.

  2. Congrats on this figures Krishna !
    This blog is definitely soon going to be a huge income earning.

    You have understood Affiliate Marketing is a great option. If you review recurring paying products, that will ensure more monthly income even without sales.

    Hope you are set for a great weekend

  3. Hey Krishna bro,
    These are really nice money. You’re really going great. Also fine to hear that most of the money you made are from clients and affiliates. It is not necessary to generate a huge traffic for earning money with these methods only targeted traffic are essential. Not as Adsense where you have to put all your efforts in generating traffic.
    Thanks for sharing report with us….

  4. Money Maker at Affiliate marketing and coaching.Keep Going Dude . 🙂

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