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invalid clicks

invalid clicks



Adsense is the world’s No.1 Ad serving network from Google and almost a very good number of websites and blogs are using adsense to get some good income.Even the blog Mashable is using adsense for its income.So we all use adsense to make some money out of it.But you know that for every negative there is a positive.You work hard on your blog and finally you’ll get an adsense account because of your work.Now you’re happy because you have adsense ,you placed the code and you are making something like $2 – $5 a day from adsense.Here comes the haters, who is not succeeding in blogging may be he hate adsense because he don’t have an adsense account or blah blah blah.

A message I can say to those adsense click bombers. Why?! everyone’s working hard and getting some good results and within some minutes you guys are destroying it.What’s the benefit you getting out of it? Still these questions are unanswered because I can see click bombers rising up.We cannot blame Google for this because just like we care out readers Google is also caring their customers.So they need some quality stuffs to give adsense account and they have developed an amazing algorithm to track clicks , conversions and click bombing.But you should keep in mind Google can only create algo bots not humans to do this job.

Anyway let’s leave that hell and if you are a failed blogger who is click bombing on others blog.You probably need to read this article.

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May be you’re here because some click bombed your adsense and you need a solution to keep your adsense accout safe from these shits.Anyway I’ll share how I reported to Google about Adsense Invalid Clicks

Use this Links : Click Here to Report Invalid Clicks

You can use the above mentioned link to get the form where you can fill it and shoot it to google to keep your adsense account safe.

Here is a screenshot

invalid click report form


You can easily fill this form with your details like Account Name , URL , Details , Date and Time , Email etc.. Don’t worry about the verification because I think this job is done manually.So a human can understand a human.Make sure you are logged in with your adsense account and give all the details perfectly.

Google will remove the invalid clicks after submitting this form and your adsense will be safe from disabling.So I hope you got a solution if yes let me know it through your comments.If you have any doubts please let me know keep visiting Blogbeatz



  1. So, Google has Invalid click Report system in place. Happy to know that Click bombing can be reported.Now, all those innocent publishers feel safe who never done invalid activity themselves.

  2. Click bombing is one of the most serious matter for Adsense publishers and mainly for the Indian publishers. Its good, that the Google has set up reporting system and take decision in the favor of sincere publishers.

  3. thanks krishna for info.
    I am new user of Adsense.I don’t want to lost my adsense account.If someone try to do click bombing attack on my blog i will report about it to adsense.

  4. Whoa nice post and many of the bloggers are unaware on How to submit an Invalid click report. It will help all.

  5. Hello Krishna,

    In these busy days, sometimes I am not able to check Adsense account. So, I don’t know whether click bombing happening in my Adsense account or not. It would be very helpful for bloggers if Google brings some new technology to detect invalid click automatically.

    Thanks for this guide.

  6. Feels bad to have a look on this at the time of adsense termination..
    Feels upcoming blogs make a wish to know about invalid clicks through new adsense a/c.. thanks for the article krishna moorthy

  7. Thats What I Was Expecting From Adsense !
    Thanks Krishna ! 🙂

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