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Instapage Vs GetResponse: choose the best Landing Page creator for your business

Your Landing Page is the first thing that greets your visitors when they click on any advertisement link for your website, or click on the search result for your blog. So, it is absolutely important for you to make it attractive and responsive to generate visitors’ interest and make your mailing list grow. Today there are mostly five types of Landing Pages that online marketers use; Click-Through Page, Lead Capture Page, Squeeze Page, Sales Page and Pitch Page. No matter what kind of Landing Page you are building, you’ll need an easy to use and effective Landing Page creator to build your page with. But, choosing the best Landing Page software for your business is easier said than done.

Thus, today we are doing a comparative study of two leading Landing Page creators here: Instapage Vs GetResponse.

In this post we are going to do a review of both the software on their features, price and customer support.

To this review the features in a first hand manner, we’ve signed up for both the services by providing some personal information, such as name and email id.

So, let’s start the review!



IP 1

Instapage offers around 80 professionally designed Templates to build your Landing Page on. There are several categories such as Lead Generation, Two Step Lead Generation, Click Pages, Webinar Pages, Mobile app Pages and Thank you Pages to choose from. The templates are professional, vibrant and totally mobile friendly. You can simply choose a category and click on the template that you like best.


gr 1

GetResponse offers over 100 professionally designed Landing Page Templates. You can find General Pages, Opt-in Pages, Sales Pages, Promo Pages, Download Pages, About Me Pages, Video Pages, Thank You Pages, Webinar Pages and Holiday Pages here. All the templates features responsive designs, which mean the pages will adjust themselves according to the viewing Platform. You can choose a category and select the template of your choice by clicking on it.


Although the Instapage Templates are quite impressive, we would favour GetResponse here for the following reasons:

GetResponse offers more verity in the category of Landing Pages.

GetResponse offers more number of Templates (100 +) that Instapage.



IP 2

We find the Instapage Editor to be quite simple to use. The top left of the page you can see the tools to use. You can drag and drop editing is the pretty useful. You can change the background picture, placement of your text box etc by simply clicking and dragging them. In the below you can text boxes, where you can add content as per your requirements. There a number of great pictures too in their gallery that you can use to enhance the look of your Landing Page. Once you are done you can directly publish the page or can create a variation for split testing.


GR 2

On the right hand side you can see the editing tools here. Editing with GetRepsonse is super easy. You can literally change almost all elements in the page by simply drag and drop. You can use your own pictures or over 1000 free pictures from the gallery. When you are satisfied with the changes made you can click on the ‘save and exit’ tab just above the editing tools to save the Landing Page for future use. You can directly publish your page too from here or can create a variation for spilt testing. In case you want to publish the page without spilt test, click on ‘Next Page’ give your website details and your Landing Page is live!


Both the software offer similar features in this respect, however we’ll favour GetResponse as this one let’s edit the HTML settings as well, provided you have the resources and requirement.

Third Party Integration


Instapage lets you integrate your Landing Page with a number of email marketing software (such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, SalesForce, Madmimi), Lead Generation software (such as AWeber, E-goi), CRM software, Webinar Software, Analytics Software etc. The vast number of integration options makes sure that you can use any service at point of time.


GetResponse provides you seamless integration with various third party software and services such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitter Ads, Slack, Salesforce, Magento, Zoho, Batchbook, Shopify, Sugar, BigCommerce etc. You can find the full list of third party software here. Here, you’ll see GetResponse does not provide any integration option for e-mail marketing software. That’s because GetResponse itself is a full-fledged email marketing service, and you’ll get all you email marketing needs fulfilled with the GetResponse service with any added cost.


Well, GetResponse is really a winner here. While Instapage does provide integrations with quite a few services, GetResponse gives better social media integration and have absolutely no need to offer integration with any email marketing service. With GetResponse you get all you email marketing needs fulfilled with no extra cost.



IP 3

The pricing starts from $29 a month for their annual plan. But before you go ahead with it, you can check out their services and other features with 45 days free trail.


GR 4

The pricing starts from $15 a month for GetResponse. Here you can see four plans that give you more flexibility. But, you can try out their services and feature without any investment with their 30 days free trail pack.


Although Instapage offers longer trail period, GetResponse offers much flexibility in terms of packages. If you are B2B business Instapage may be a good option for you, but in case of bloggers and small business owner, GetResponse is surely the one to stick to.

Customer support


Instapage provides easy to understand and comprehensive study materials for their customers that can educate them about general idea and usage of Landing Pages.


GetResponse has a formidable reputation about providing best customer support possible. You can download users’ manuals, guides, study materials for customers. Also the company offers frequent webinars and downloadable video guides on various aspects of online marketing.


GetResponse is definitely a winner her owing to their all inclusive and interactive customer support materials and guides.

Final Verdict

After reviewing all the features, Price and customer support, we would certainly recommend you to go for GetResponse. The reasons are as below:

GetResponse offers more variety in Templates

GetResponse lets you design your Template from the scratch with HTML coding

Much better social media integration

You don’t have to invest in any email marketing service anymore.

Better pricing

Better Customer Support

So, start your GetResponse Free Trail now! And don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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