Inkthemes Review : Responsive Premium WordPress Themes

inkthemes review

inkthemes review


WordPress is world’s top content management system, a lot of websites are running on WordPress platform, even blogbeatz itself is managed by WordPress. A lot of people are using WordPress and the main reason behind it is “features” unlike other content management systems like blogger, ghost etc, WordPress is having a lot of extra features and great SEO support which helps to maintain a good profitable blog or website. Maintaining a profitable blog/website in this kinda competitive world of internet is not as easy as you think. Each and everything should be unique and perfect in order to be out of the box. Why I’m talking about this here?  Huh? It’s because you need good looks to gain trust as well as to maintain your blog or website. It must be reader friendly, SEO optimized and clean interference. All and all perfection or near to it, I must say.

Your theme reflects your brand and if your business is completely depended on your website then according to my knowledge it’s an absolutely necessary. You have to give your looks a lot of importance in order to gain more conversions and leaving a footprint in visitors mind so later they can turn out to be loyal readers. For example, say – you visit a coffee shop. Do you know what are the qualities of a good coffee shop which makes to visit it again and again? A good coffee shops interior would be amazing and psychology says that looks are a big factor of whatever we buy. Their good looks makes us try their coffee and you know why they are charging Rs.100 per cup (though there are stalls selling it for Rs.10)? Brand matters, that’s why. 😉

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Inkthemes is one of the top WordPress theme store delivering great WordPress themes for your personal or business use.You can start a shopping website or a membership website with their themes as well. They have solutions to all needs. Another advantage worth listing is that their themes are SEO friendly, reader friendly, beautiful and neat. What more can you ask for?

inkthemes review

So, let us discuss the features and pricing of Ink themes 🙂

Inkthemes has around 46 WordPress themes (All of them are responsive), to make your website phenomenal. You can check their themes, all of them look great and worth appreciating. Most of the themes are flat UI designed which have infinite potenial to stand out of the crowd to be specific. Plan what suits you right and search Inkthemes. I have a strong believe that you will find what you are searching for. No hard feelings. No second thought.



Compared to the other WordPress theme stores I should say that INKThemes have an affordable collection of themes. Making your website look killer even with a small budget is now possible. Thanks to INKThemes. There are 3 different packages to choose from:

inkthemes review


Just take a look, more than what you can ask for. Commendable pricing by INKThemes. You can get access to all of their themes for just $247. 🙂 Other than themes, you get a lot of perks like amazing support, multiple domains usage and a lot more.



Their support network does a outstanding job. They have a forum where you can ask all your doubts and issues. To make it easier they have created many videos to enhance their customer’s support experience. If you can’t make your way through your problem using other means then contact them through their instant support feature. 😉



Attention affiliate marketers. It’s time for making some real cold hard cash. INKThmems gives 20% of all sales made via your affiliate link. Check out the amount of money that you can make just by promoting them:

inkthemes affiliate

Comfortable and user friendly affiliate dashboard and amazing graphics (banners) to increase conversions. It’s an eye for an eye deal. Maximize your conversions, they give all what you need.


Final Verdict

Overall, if you’re looking for an all and all theme which fits your budget then INKThemes is the right choice for you. Undoubtedly. You’ve my word.

Thanks a lot for reading. Have a great day ahead. Peace.


  1. InkThemes I like it most Themes are SEO, Fast Loading, Clean Beautiful Responsive Designs etc.

    Great Review.

    Have a nice day.

    ~ Virendar

  2. First of all very nice review Krishna. And i will try inkthemes affiliate in my blog.

  3. Hello Krishna,

    First of all I would like to thank your for presenting such an outstanding review. The information here about InkThemes is very precise and I just loved your way to present them. Hoping for your success in the coming future.


  4. Hey krishna bro..thanks for these honest review about ink themes

  5. hey krishna
    thats awesome i needed the best affiliate with high ppc

  6. i have used few inkthemes theme they are quite good and soothing..

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