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Ininbox Review

Ininbox Review



Email marketing – You write an article and fire a mail to your readers saying “Hey I just wrote a new article about blah blah blah!” or if you have a company when you release and update or an offer you mail your users “hey here is the new offer blah blah blah!” But to share the blah blah we need a big blah and that’s what we call email marketing.Sending mail to a lot of people with gmail or Ymail is kinda difficult stuff according to my knowledge.So what we bloggers and business entrepreneur is do is purchasing an email marketing plan from famous email marketing companies.

The best things we get out of this email marketing tools is that we can easily analyze what our readers are doing with our email even we can track the conversion rates.You can have access to many email templates to make your good user experience.But all we have to do is “Pay some Bucks” to purchase an email marketing tool according to our needs.So here let me introduce a new email marketing service called which is something different from other email marketing tools.All you can do is Trusting this email marketing tool and I’m damn sure you can blind fully trust Ininbox for your email marketing purpose.



Let’s talk about Ininbox for sometime especially about its features.So Ininbox is an email marketing tool with a lot of amazing features.The first ever feature of an email marketing tool is “Email marketing” sounds funny right?! hah quality matters a lot here.You can find 100+ Email marketing free or paid services online but choosing a reliable and trustworthy email marketing tool is kinda difficult but its more easy if you are using ininbox.

Some of their Features included in Email Marketing is

+ Broad Cast and Auto Responder

+ One Click Duplication

+ Easy HTML Message Editor

+ Pro Quality Email Templates

+ Free Email Templates

+ Tracking Analytics for Emails

+ Split Testing

+ Team Management 

+ Conversions

+ More..

They offer a Content Management System where they offer some amazing features  and here are some of the features of their content management system.

+ Subscribers List Management

+ Sing Up Form Creator

+ Advanced List Segmentaion

+ Automation Rule

+ Geo Location

+ Gravatar Intergration

to be frank with you guys Iv’nt used any email marketing tools with this kinda features.What we all love is to get something we want at a better and affordable pricing without compromising the quality and I think I’m right with that point.So why not Ininbox because they have a wide range of amazing and unique features with some good offers.Anyways let’s see how much they charge for this 😉 .

Here it goes the pricing plan of Ininbox


pricing email


It’s something really affordable to send unlimited emails to your customers at this kinda price per month and you can use a lot of features too.Really if you are thinking out of the box like compare your current email marketing tool with this and you’ll come to know the real benefits which you can enjoy here.Anyway there is a free plan given by Ininbox you may try that too.

The Free Plan is a plan which can hold 2000 Emails and 20000 Emails, its more enough to give this tool a mass try or if you’re looking for the best free email marketing tool out there then you should go for this and it’s high recommended by Blogbeatz.



They have a quick response support team which is always eager to know your thoughts or your question to give a sudden reply.They are too fast with their support and they have a 24/7 Support team to help you out on any stuffs related to email marketing.One of the best thing you have to take care of while going for a hosting or an email marketing tool is Customer Support but there you can expect that like a boss 😉 .


Final Verdict

All I can say is if you feel that Ininbox is good and reliable comparing to the present email marketing tool you use then you should go for Ininbox and its highly recommended and I don’t think there is another email marketing tool like this offering this much of features at a very low cost.Anyways Ininbox is a highly recommended email marketing service.

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  1. Hello Krishna ,

    Glad to read your another awesome article. It is a nice review and I think the Ininbox is a must try email marketing service especially for beginners..I will definitely try out this shortly. Thanks and I loved the “blah blah blah”….!!

  2. Recently i need a new email marketing tool for experiments and struggling to find them. I stumbled on the post you wrote. I am amazed about the pricing and the features. After reading the article I am going to create an account on ininbox and start my experiments.

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