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Why Should You Prefer Infolinks When Adsense Disabled?

Infolinks, one of the best advertisement services available online is being used as the alternative of Google’s terribly popular ad service known as Google AdSense. Being one of the most handy and popular services all over the internet, Infolinks has been gaining popularity very easily due to the fact that it is quite easy to embed and takes a lot less time to get approved of, both of which are not so easy to find in advertisement services like AdSense. With the ability of being embedded easily, it also has a plethora of other specialties which kind of separate it from other ad services out there, thus making it very unique and quite reasonable to use on your own website or blog so as to generate a lot of income out of your website.

If pointed out, the reasons as for why you need to use this service will go on and on! But we believe that pointing out a couple of reasons is a must, and hence, we would recommend you to read on to find out more and more about this service whilst learning a completely new method of earning money online. This will further help you in solving the questions like how Infolinks is paying good payouts.

infolinks review

  • Easy to approve and embed!

    The first and the most primary reason as for why you need to use Infolinks on your website is that it is very easy to get approved of and integrate in your website. It takes a mere 72 hours for your account to get approved or authenticated and then embedding is just a few clicks away from the dashboard.

  • No extra space required!

    The second reason which makes the whole service quite unique is that it does not require an individual space on the website to place advertisements. The Infolinks service can find out the keywords from your articles and place a link on them, so when the people hover over these words which have been converted into links, the website displays an advertisement in a hover form, and you earn money.

  • Does not affect the webpage load speed!

    Another one of the major reasons as for why people use this service or for why you should use it, is because it does not affect the website speed whatsoever! Even though the number of ads on a page may be insane, the speed is not affected because the Infolinks code is placed at the end and hence, is only loaded after the whole page. These results in an unaffected page load speed and help you in capturing more traffic which is the first and foremost requirement of earning money online.

  • Multiple payment methods!

    The payment method has a number of different payment methods, like the renowned services like PayPal, Payoneer and Wire. The overall payout reaches around $50 which has to be paid after 45 days precise.


These were one of the few reasons as for why this service might just be for you. But apparently, there are a couple of disadvantages that one has to keep in his or her mind before trying this service.


  • Less payment for Asian Traffic…

    The payment for the Asian traffic is quite less, and it kind of sounds racist or something, but is actually technical. The CPC and CPM of Asian traffic is lesser than that of the American crowd, which hence, affects the payments.

  • Note:Infolinksnot only pays small amount like earning in three digit dollar mark ($$$) but if the traffic from USA, CANADA and European countries are blowing then you can easily cross four digit dollar ($$$$) easily in a single month, May it little odd to listen but this is the fact which is proven by below screenshot.

infolinks payment

  • Number of advertisements…

    The number of advertisements is another reason as for why this service might not be for you. The number of ads can vary from 1-12, and that may affect the look of your website on a very large extent. This can of course reduce the number of visitors you have on a daily basis, since people may start considering your website as spam or scam. This will not be good for the reputation of your website.

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Even though the cons were present, in contrast to the pros, they can be considered negligible. The overall reasons as for why one should start using Infolinks far outgrow the reasons for why one should not use the service on the whole, and it is highly recommended that you use this service as an alternative of AdSense.



  1. Hello Krishna Bro,

    This ad network is really good, I may say it as the best AdSense alternative. Even I’ve started using Infolinks and earning some bucks from my blog 😀 .Thanks for your informative post 🙂 Have a nice week ahead.

    Abdul Ghani,
    Tech Glows.

  2. Hello Sir ,

    I was having doubt does infolink pays us or not but by your review it has given me a clear view and also has given me a trust that infolinks is genuine 🙂

    thank you brother. keep writing useful articles 😀

  3. Hey bro,well we all know that Infolinks is the best alternative for AdSense,but some of us still don’t know about it. Hence this posts clears all doubts about Infolinks and its features..Thanks..Keep doing…

  4. Yea, I too agree with the fact that Infolinks is probably best alternative to Google AdSense for publishers but one thing which annoys me about Infolinks is the in-text ads which look quite spammy.

    So from readers perspective I don’t like such posts. This doesn’t confirm that everyone hates Infolinks, so one should go for it. But I don’t recommend for Infolinks specially for bloggers who are looking to build a good quality blog.

    Also sometimes ads are irrelevant, so webmasters would end up earning nothing for some clicks. Overall, good one for new blogs.

    Thanks for sharing Krishna ! 🙂

  5. Awesome bro… I like your presentation..

    Keep rocking!

  6. Nice post 🙂
    from where can i get affiliate link for infolinks ?

  7. Hi,

    Infolinks may be a good alternative to adsense. But if someone could show some payment proof also, it will be well and good.

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