How I Increased My Search Traffic by 267%

Search Traffic

Search Engine traffic is something we all expect and we all try to hard to get it for our blog right? But getting some good search engine traffic is not that easy.I started this blog 3 Months back and started applying all my SEO Techniques to boost my search Engine traffic.Getting huge search engine traffic on the first ever month is not that possible.But I worked hard to make it better.So I decided to boost my SEO traffic using some of My SEO methods and finally I inreased my search Traffic by 267%. Here are some screenshots πŸ™‚ .

Search Traffic

Search Traffic Improvement by 267%

Search Traffic

Analytics Traffic ImprovementΒ 

Search Traffic

Impression Increase in Webmasters

So here I’ll be sharing some of the best methods I’ve applied to get some Good organic traffic.Here I’ve used some tools to bring up my traffic (Not Robots πŸ˜› ) I mean some tools to analyse and diagnose my problems and make it perfect is one of the important reason for my traffic increment.Oops! I’m lagging let me break some secrets :).

Monitor Backlinks ToolΒ 

You may now think that I’m writing this post to get some affiliate sales out of it right? But to be frank Monitor Backlinks tool is so awsome and its the best reason behind my traffic increment.Okay you can do one thing go to monitorbacklinks directly without using my affiliate link and make the purchase because I don’t care if you are not using my affiliate link.I’m suggesting this because its really really helpful.I’ve no words to explain this amazing tool.So coming to the topic, How I increased my Traffic with Monitor Backlinks! Actually I was not into link building for blogbeatz since some months and to be frank I’ve not written a single guest post for backlinks to blogbeatz.But on the first month of blogbeatz I was building some backlinks through Dofollow Comment LuvΒ and the worst thing I can say is they are BullShits! nothing else , all the backlinks I created with Dofollow Luv comments are Nofollow πŸ™ . Actually the tool monitor backlinks helped me to find that fact ,but now I’m not ready to start with dofollow luv comment because its such a waste of time the reason behind it is that the site owners is changing it to Nofollow πŸ™ .The next best thing from Monitor Backlinks is that they’ll show the fluctuations in keyword position according to the growth of our backlinks.So after spending some time of analyzing my Monitor Backlinks dashboard I came to know that I should build more quality backlinks to get some good ranks.So I used the barter system written by me in one of my old post of link building.Actually I made some good and quality links using this barter system.I started offering free services to my clients and ask backlinks instead of that at the Home Page.You know that importance of getting a backlink at the home page right!.So Β i builded around 10-15 Backlinks (Natural and Pure) to get a rank boost.To be frank the Link Juice was so tasty and I got some unexpected ranks out of it. πŸ™‚ All I did using the tool Monitor Backlinks.If you can’t pay for the monitor backlins tool try to grab your friends and buy an account and share it :).

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Google Adwords Tool

The first word that comes to your mind while thinking of Keyword Research is Google Adwords and It has helped me a lot.To get some good organic traffic you should find a high Potential Keyword.For a High potential keyword you should try the Google adwords tool.If you are having any paid tools for keyword research then go for it.Monitor backlinks tool is not having any Keyword Research Option.So I’ve written some keyword optimized articles to boost my search traffic and I found the keyword using Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

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Onsite and Onpage SEO

You should give more care on this rather than Backlinks.It doesnt mind if you have quality backlinks but all you really need is a good Onpage and Onsite SEO.Your Home page and even all your post must be perfectly optimized.The worst thing is that we are lazy to optimize the page.Don’t be lazy because if you work on it you’ll get atleast 1 visit a day from search, start from scratch :).So never ever compromise your Onsite and Onpage SEO.

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Google Webmasters Tool

Analyzing the Search Queries and Impression in Google webmasters tool helped me a lot in increasing my search Traffic.Always keep an eye on Search Queries because some is seeing your site on Search Engines with that search querie (keyword) you may not getting some visits for it, but if you work more on that keyword then I’m damn sure your search traffic will boost like a Boss! :).

Google Analytics Tool

Always analyze your blog with Google analytics tool to know whats happening on your blog.In Traffic section you can see a option like Organic Traffic.You can know how much visits are you getting for Search Engines.Analyze that and make improvement to boost your search Traffic.

So , that’s how I Increased my Search Traffic by 267% and now its time for a boom boom on your blog too.Try these tips and you’ll see some cool changes in your Blog’s Search Traffic and I’m damn Sure about it.If you feel any doubts please let me know and share your thoughts with me.Have a Great and Keep visiting πŸ™‚ Blogbeatz πŸ™‚


  1. Hi,
    nice tips indeed. and most important is very useful tools you shared which are very important to generate traffic. thank you sharing your experience.

  2. Thanks for sharing your success story, will give it a try

  3. Hey Krishna, great post. These are some basic yet very essential tools needed to rank in search engines and get more organic traffic. Thanks a lot for sharing your advice.

  4. Hmm Really Nice Post And Google Webmasters tool is the best tool provided by the google and we can also monitor our backlinks with google WM Tool πŸ˜€

  5. Hey there!

    Thank you for giving away your secrets. It feels awesome to see people giving away their secrets to their readers!

    I think Monitor Backlinks would be an effective tool for me too. I hope I will be able to build links like you do. What do you say?

    I don’t use Google AdWords at all thus I don’t know anything about it! Would you be kind enough to explain what is Google AdWords Tool and how to use it for keyword research? How does it help us?

    As you said, Google Analytics helps us know where the traffic is coming from and other necessary details. I read Ana Hoffman’s e-book for all the knowledge I needed about Traffic Sources. I think so you should read it too! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for posting. Have a nice day!

  6. Awesome post on traffic increment bro…Recently my traffic was too low..and right now i am searching technique to improve that..but m fail..Can u please briefly reply me for how to improve my blog traffic.

    Thanks again.:)

  7. I have read a lots of review about Monitor backlink tool… I am going to buy this.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us Krishna

  8. Hey Krishna,
    its really an informative post you have written and great tools you have shared.
    and we can also know about a link on any website weather it is do follow or no follow using an opera browser extension called Web Developer.
    Thanks. πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for revealing such a wonderful secret.I will surely use these tools.

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    So this was the article you were talking about.

    Will try to adopt your methods and share my results with you.

    NICE POST πŸ™‚


  11. I think now quality of your blog contents will decide your page rank and eventually you will get more or less traffic depending upon the fact how much you rely on organic traffic. That is why the centuries old saying “Never put all your eggs in one basket” will work now. If you really have to maintain huge traffic on your blog you need to develop all the sources including organic, direct, referral and social media with equal focus to never be handicapped with the hands of one.

  12. Great article Krishna bro πŸ™‚ i will adopt your methods and hope i will get some increase in my traffic. thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  13. Really the tips are good hope if i can figure out from this things

  14. Hello krishna,

    it was really a helpful post for me .as i was looking for ways to increase organic traffic for my blog. can you guide me how i can choose right keywords for my blog post using keyword planner.

  15. thanku sir for the article… Awesome post on traffic increment sir…..!! πŸ™‚

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    Very interesting lecture. Thanks

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