3 Crazy Tips to Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog

increase alexa rank

increase alexa rank


Alexa Internet is an amazon company ,which give an estimated world rank for your blog or website.Even they also give a country based ranking for blogs and websites around the globe.There’s a lot benefits in getting a good alexa rank for your blog or website.Almost 70-80% of the blogger and webmasters know the real benefits of alexa ranking.Even if you are checking the top bloggers list and their alexa rank you can understand the real importance of alexa ranking.

Some Advantages of Getting good Alexa Rank :

+ Your blog will become famous.

+ You can get good number of Advertisers

+ Many More 😉

The topic “Advantages of Alexa Rank” is kinda self explanatory and we all know that.So let’s move with some tips to bring up your Alexa Rank like a boss.If you are new to blogbeatz you may visit the Welcome page to know more about blogbeatz and let me explain you about the real alexa thingy behind blogbeatz.Actually I’m not an alexa booster or I’m not using any black hat methods or any “Tricks” to increase my alexa rank.Blogbeatz alexa came under 100k in just a month and finally to 30k in just 4 months with an Indian alexa rank of 2108.To be frank I didn’t do anything special concentrating on alexa but after some months especially on the second month I came to know the real importance of alexa and started building it.While I was building my alexa rank I learned many tatics to use to increase your alexa rank like a boss.

Here it Goes ” The Blogbeatz method to Increase Alexa Rank


Keep Up Your Writies

You may be here to increase the alexa rank of your blog or may be your website.But what is the heart of a blog or website? according to my knowledge its nothing but “Content” content is the heart of your blog or website so keep on generating good quality content to make an alexa blast.According to my knowledge alexa’s algorithm love blogs with regular content with good quality and especially with good number of words.Yeah, try to write some 700-1000 Words articles with some good quality.This may sound weird but I’ve experimented a lot on this and you can see a good change in alexa rank with this method.So just keep on writing writing and writing some amazing contents to get some good exposure, Traffic as well as a good alexa rank 🙂


Traffic Matters

The real alexa matrices are designed to calculate the rank undertaking “Traffic” giving it the first priority.So yes traffic matters a lot.If you have good traffic then you have good alexa rank.Especially ads traffic (Google Adwords) can increase your alexa rank like anything.Try to get some good amount of daily traffic from these three sources

Social Media

From the last 2 months I’m experimenting on traffic and alexa rank.All I can say is try to get some good amount of social media traffic to increase your alexa rank.But I was totally confused since a long time about why alexa is giving more importance to social media traffic.To be frank still I don’t have the “perfect” answer but I think its because all of my readers from social media are bloggers and they are using alexa toolbars (not mine) and alexa widgets.Actually I got this tip from Tony John sir.So try to build some good amount of social media traffic to increase your alexa rank like a boss.

Search Traffic

So I got a tip from tony john sir saying alexa will increase your rank if more people with alexa widgets installed on their browsers visit our blog.Aha! Now I got a tip we can try this the “Search Traffic” , So my blog is on blogging niche and my visitors are bloggers and webmasters and according to my knowledge 80-85% of the these geeks are using alexa widget.Dude! try to grab them through search engines your alexa rank will be like Phew! 😉

Refferal Traffic

Traffic Traffic and Traffic.Alexa love traffic a lot so you can bring traffic from anywhere except bots to increase your alexa ranking.So you may also try some refferal traffic like Blogging communities etc..So that’s fine.


No Alexa Craps

I think you are hearing the word ” Alexa Crap ” for the first time right? Yeah but to be frank I hate these craps like anything.In my point of view Alexa Craps includes ” Alexa Review ” and ” Alexa Widget “.I’m not proving anything that Alexa Widget and alexa review are of no use or it won’t be increasing the alexa rank.Ah total confusion to be I don’t really know whats the importance of this shit and I don’t know whether it increases alexa or not.Actually I was using this on my old blog and frankly speaking I didn’t notice any special change in my alexa.

The worst thing is looks! I really hate that crappy box with shitty looks 🙁 that really sucks when you have an amazing blog with flat UI design and a shitty Alexa box at the corner.To be frank I’m not interested in talking about Alexa Widget, Alexa Review etcc stuffs.


Final Verdict

So So So ! to increase alexa  rank of your blog or website you need to work.You can follow the points I mentioned above and I’m damn sure your alexa will increase without any problems.All you need is good quality content.So write some good content and market is perfectly.According to time alexa will increase.I don’t think anyone knows how really the algorithm of alexa works including me.So what we bloggers can do is experimenting.According to my experiments I’ve noticed that backlinks, Alexa craps and all other stuffs are not picking up my alexa rank but I’m not sure.I’m just telling my experience.Else if you want clear method to increase alexa rank then you may try meeting Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon 😛 Good luck.

Guys if you have any doubts please let me know and keep visiting Blogbeatz 🙂



  1. Good Article Mate ! I always Love your articles 🙂 Keep it up!

  2. Alexa Rank is very important for every blogger because majority of advertisers attract towards blogs having alexa below 30k. So, crucial points to work on Alexa ranking.

  3. Amazing Tips Buddy! Thanks for the share.

    Have a great week ahead 🙂

  4. Nice post! Well, Alexa is important factor for bloggers as direct advertisers are looking for blogs with better (low) alexa rank. As you mentioned posting daily and driving traffic are the main factors to improve alexa rank. Thanks for sharing !

  5. I appreciate your efforts regarding this post. I would say simple strategy to increase alexa rank without any backlinks is just too keep your blog updated daily with quality content and massive social sharing to social media website is enough to get good alexa ranking.

  6. Really a great content on increasing alexa rank

    Thanks for sharing

  7. These are really good tips. I liked the ‘Alexa Crap’ point. Alexa works in weird ways. I have seen websites with good traffic and backlinks getting lower alexa rank and websites with low traffic with better alexa ranks.

  8. Len

    Enjoyed the article. Alexa rank is not very consistent at times, going up, then down. I think that Alexa recently had a new algorithm, as it appears many of the older techniques to maintain Alexa may not work anymore. Time will tell, but good article.

  9. Nice post,. you say that alexa widget is useless! cool

  10. thanks
    really great post, btw backlinks is essential too!

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