You might have seen the bloggers profile picture on their blog comments and author bio. Actually these pictures are not manually added each and every time by bloggers and this universally accepted avatar or profile picture for online usage is called Gravatar, which is functioning with WordPress.

What is Gravatar?

Gravatar is universally accepted online avatar or your profile picture which will show up on your blog comments, blog posts and wherever you use it. You need to have a account in order to have a Gravatar.

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You can check out this first example, where my profile picture is shown in comments, but Mohan Kumar’s comment is not showing his profile picture. The reason behind the thing is because Mohan might not have a gravatar account or he might have used any email ID which is not connected to Gravatar or maybe he’s not yet done with a profile picture on his Gravatar account.



I’ve logged into my WordPress account with my primary email ID and I’ve used the same email ID on my gravatar as well, so my profile picture will show up on each and every comment. Here’s an another example  and advantage of having a Gravatar.

example 2

So you got it right!?

The thing is

You need to use your primary email ID on Gravatar and you’ve to use the same email ID while writing comments and logging into your WordPress admin panel. If you’re using an email ID which is not connected to Gravatar, then you’ll never see your profile picture on comments and author bio areas.

#1 Step

Go ahead and create your account on (not .org) and come back to If you already have a WordPress account, then you can directly go in and try out Gravatar.

#2 Step

The steps are very simple and you can easily manage everything by self. Well, when you log into the Gravatar account, your default profile picture will be like this


You’ve to change this default picture by replacing it with your profile picture which will show up your face. Let it be a selfie or anything, make sure it does really show up your face so that your readers can easily identify you. I recommend you have same profile picture on gravatar, twitter, facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp so that any of your readers can easily identify you :).

#3 Step

Now save it and select any of the ratings which you want, because I don’t see any practical difference in that. You can give any rating which suits your mindset. Now check out the comments you’ve written with this email ID. You can see your profile picture there 🙂 and it’s really the matter of personal identification and branding as well.

This is a simple guide and I don’t want to make you confused with a lot more information, the activation and usage of Gravatar are so important, but the procedures are so easy as this article. If you got doubts or if you face problems, ping me 🙂

After setting up your Gravatar, do comment on this post and see your wonderful picture.