How to Make your PC a Wifi Hotspot ? 2 Tools ,100% Working

pc to wifi hotspot

Wifi (Wireless Fidility) ,the use of wifi is to use internet wirelessly and feel the power of using Inetrnet.,Imean the speed.

So here we are going to talk about making our System or Laptop a Wifi Hotspot.,
So., Just Read Through out.

And here Iam going to talk about two best softwares which helps you to make your System a Wifi Hotspot.

What is Wifi Hotspot ?

Wifi hotspot is just like a router which spreads your computers or Laptops Internet Connection to a Distinct limit of around 100 Meters(*May Vary According to the Modems*)

Why Use Wifi Hotspot ?

Using a wifi hotspot is much simpler in ways of using internet.Imean if you have 2 or 3 Devices like a Computer a Tablet and a SmartPhone.,There is no need to have diffrent Internet connection for all, if you have wifi hotspot in your laptop you can share that internet connection of your laptop with these three other devices.

So., Let us talk about the two softwares I already Said..These tools are presently free to download in the market now.

Virtual Wifi Router

Visit : virtualwifirouter.com

I strongly recommend you to use this because it is so simple and no tech hassless are included in it.,even Iam using this one.
After Installig this you can see a small panel at the right end of your system basically near the date and time .

Steps to Activate it

+ Open the Symbol 
+ Click Configure
+ Enter a Desired Name for the Hotspot(Eg:- Mockbyte)
+ Give a Password 
+ Save The Configuration
+ Click Refresh (Near the Main Screen)
+ Click Start 

Thats all your hotspot is ready now take your tablet or smartphone or whatever and scan for wifi networks and Select the Connection ., Type the Password Experince the Speed.

If it Doesnt Work That Means ..

– You Dont have an Internet Connection in Your Laptop or PC
– There is no Wifi in your PC/Laptop (Wifi is Nessecary to do this
– Try Reinstalling..
** If you have more doubts visit help of the website**

WifiHotspot Creator

visit : wifihotspotcreator.com

This software is just like virtual wifi creator and only beta version is available now and the beta version is free to download
In future they may release powerful controllers for some pennies .

The Steps are similar to Virtual Wifi.

** If you have more doubts visit help of the website**

So., what are you waiting for ., go and download which one you like  and experience the internet.

If you want a Hotspot Modem Hardware Just Search Through Flipkart or Click the Banners and Take a review.

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