How to Make Your Laptop Android 100% Working

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Android .,I call that the power of smartphones…Nowadays all the peoples in whole world is becoming smart by using smartphones.
I mean by using an Android or Apple device you can also become Smart.

So.,Your phone is smart and why cant your pc?

The answer is quite simple just install android on your pc.
Here in this blog I’ve posted many articles about technologies and this post is going to be diffrent from that all..

Android is designed by Google and it is designed for use in smartphone(Android Phones)
Thats means,android cannot be simply installed on your pc.,So if you read this post you can find about “How to Install Android on Your PC”.

There are Some steps Underneath just Read through..

+ You need to have a Android Operating System(Software)
+ You can download this file from the internet (Sorry we are unable to give the link because the link is changing at diffrent condtions and its difficult to give the correct link)
  The File is a

  – Image file with Extention “.iso”
  – Search in the Internet like “Android x86.iso file download”
  – Download the Appropriate one 
  – The size of the file comes around 50MB(zip file) or around 100 to 150 MB for a iso image file
  – Download and keep the file in the Desktop

+ The Next Sofware you need is “Unetbootin

” which comes around 4-5MB large and you can download it here 
+ Install Unetbootin and select Disk Image
+ Select the Browse Button(… Button) 
+ Select the iso file from the desktop


+ Select type as harddisk and Select a Drive

pc android unetbootin

+ Press Ok.

Then thats all its “ok”.

Now its time to boot (restart) your system and while restarting a box will come and ask Unetbootin or Windows 

+ You have to choose android 
Then after some time the Android will load and Now you are ready to use android.


+ Same Feeling as Android 
+ You can Download Apps from Play Store
+ Complete Exiting look.

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  1. Great its really working and I didn’t know that my Pc can be a smartphone, thanks to share it admin.

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