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How to Make $100 a Month Easily Without a Blog

Aha! The title looks spammy right? may be but you know blogbeatz and you know me and I will never ever recommend anyone anything without testing it.But this one really worked for me and I’m damn sure that it will work for you too.You are here because you love to make money online and I think I’m what have you done before? you started a blog and now you’re seeking for adsense but whats in it after getting adsense $0 in balance unless you click on your own ads πŸ˜› (Never do it ).So here I come up with an old method but a new way to make money online easily without having a blog or a website even you don’t need a domain name.So all you need is a PayPal account and a facebook account.Don’t worry if you are not having PayPal because you can hold your payments as well as you can take it after a long period of time also no worries :).So the things I’m going to discuss here is Shorten Links..Hey Hey Hey don’t get irritated its not the old methods like you start an account and share them then finally nothing right ? huh here the game is different , as I said I’ll never ever recommend you to try things unless I give it a try.Here is a screen shot from my Dashboard.

According to me Inspiration First, ah now you can see the screenshot with proof.

So, you are wondering now ,how I made this kinda money right? mm wait wait I’ll say everything.You know that I’m a blogger and I’m busy with my clients so to do this work I hired my local friend who is sitting free. πŸ˜›

So Here Goes the Steps I’ve Done.

+ I Signed Up Here to start a New Account in the above URL Shortening website.
+ After that I decided to Hire my friend because of the lack of time.(50/50 Share)
+ I selected some of the Local Facebook Groups and Found 2 Groups with 100k Members Each
+ I started selecting amazing videos from Youtube and Shorted the links
+ After that I guided my friend and said him to do that Job
+ He used to share instantly on all groups
+ The Best thing is that the members of the groups are eager to watch that kinda videos and they Β  Β  Β  Β  Β appriciated my friend.
+ Fianlly after 20 Days of Instant Sharing We earned $71 and you can just think about my 30 days earning ;).

According to my opinion the shortner I used is the best one in the industry paying around $1.30 /1000 Visits from India.You can see many other highly paying ones but all are fake Β and scams so stick on this only.


Advantages of Shorten Link Used By Me

+ Low Payout Rate at $5
+ Good eCPM and Click Value
+ Easy Interface
+ Trustable.
+ You can see many payment proof at Google.

So guys enjoy the earning if you want a good income online at least to manage our girl friends expense :).You can sign Up for Free Here πŸ™‚


  1. Nice Trick Moorthy,thanks for Sharing,i presume your Idle friend shares the link with automatic link sharing tool like hootsuite and not Manually? Btw,think of Redirecting the 69k traffic you sent to a link shortner to your blog,dont you think you will make More than $100

    • Oh Yeah actually Akinyemi Bro I tried the above thing and I drived more than 60k traffic to my blog and finally earned around $30 from adsense.Adsense is having very low CPC nowadays and we cannot play crazy with placements.The worst thing is that we cannot trust adsense at anytime you can get a heart attack πŸ™‚

  2. Aha ! Thats really very cool Krishna can i know the names of the FB Groups ?

  3. Crazy Information Post !

  4. Thanks bro.! Awesome trick! πŸ™‚

  5. Do the viewers have to click the ad?

  6. Hey.
    My question to you is whether they would be paying $1.30 /1000 Visits if it is the same URL or is it that if i shorten 5 URLs and all of those shorten URL’s receive total of 1k clicks EVEN then would I be getting $1.30 ??

  7. I am here for the first time at your blog. And believe me I liked your blog very much and now I am a regular reader. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I liked this article as well.

  8. Earlier i was using url shortner which gave me 23$ but now a days that link is blocked by google… What about this url shortner . Also have a doubt that may be it will give negative effect on adsense

  9. Hey , Krishna moorthy , How to get list of 100k plus like fb pages,google+ pages fast?

    Also give few tips to multiple posting on facebook groups and pages.

  10. Nice Post Krishna ! πŸ™‚

  11. Great Aricle Krishna Moorthy and thanks to present this Article With This Is very Help Full For newbies.Great Work Dude

  12. Very nice post. There is a similar service can u please say which is better

    • This is better than Adfly because In India adfly is blocked.Keep visiting πŸ™‚

      • sure bro though is blocked in India I have used the links in many of services and they work pretty well bringing 50-60 dollars home/month. anyway thanks for the awesome advice i,m gonna check this service too .
        let me tell you one more thing I love your blog completely especially the color scheme

  13. Finally your blog move on WordPress Krishna Bro….Thanks for sharing above article so we know that so many things to do and to make $s…Thanks again

  14. It is good, but won’t it be spamy to put links in website. I mean as and other are already declared spamy. Still confused!!

  15. I used to do this earlier.. I dropped it now because it getting slow down web opening.. How about u??

  16. Vishnu Kammath

    Good idea.I will surely try it.

  17. Hello, friend awesome trick. I am also going to try this.

  18. Really Nice Post Bro.
    I Try This Trick And See The Profit.
    Thanks a Lot.

  19. Superb thing to read this as i was also searching like this something i will also like to share your link in return as you had given us new and genuine way to earn Money Online just by sharing

  20. Haha Awesome Krishna Bro…. Last Line was Interesting. URL Shortening can earn a lot if we have good referrals or from Facebook Fan Pages having Huge Number of likes but we can’t but we can’t buy anything for girlfriends because there demands are much higher. Just Kidding.

  21. Cool… πŸ™‚ Simple

  22. πŸ˜‰ you are like post only tricky post always on your blog. Good going krishna wish you all the best for your coming blogging days. By the way, very good post!!
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  23. i love it bro!! good going!!

  24. Vikash

    I created a account, but having difficulty to put it to use,, pls help, like class room type,,

  25. Mittu

    Nice trick Krishna Moorthy
    i hav a smll doubt
    is it pays all over in INDIA (Andhra Pradesh) ?

  26. Mittu

    we hav 2 provide original details for payout > ?

  27. Nice post bro…..I am a regular reader of your blog….You always post awesome articles….Keep writing…
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  28. Yes, Even I have placed this shorten url in my blog and till now no clicks :(. But your idea is very good I appericate this very much.

  29. Nice krishna..
    Thanks 4 sharing.
    It will surely help guys to maintaint financial things…. πŸ˜‰

  30. that looks great and thanks for sharing
    However, doesn’t that require a lot of efforts for pennies?

  31. Great Information Krishnamoorthy Will try it soon

  32. Nice blog bro thanks for that artical.

  33. great article bro i think it will help me to earn more, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  34. Thanks for the trick krishnamoorthy.,
    What about using,

  35. nice post bro, helps me a lot. but if you can provide the groups having large amount of member. then i will also good. thanx for this kind of post.

  36. Hey Krishna, I have Tried this. But i didnt get much results.. Help me to get more views ?

  37. That’s useful post Krishna. Liked the way you also gave the practical usage of it. One can also use it to share viral videos from sites like Upworthy to get more clicks.

  38. I am too working with that but my eCPM is $0.50 Why ??

  39. Mohd Risal

    Krishna Moorthi
    U r awesome!
    I always read ur posts nowadays
    U really rock wid all these ideas

  40. Hey Dude.
    Good post indeed. It was first time i was hearing about link shortening and get paid. I will try this man.

  41. Great bro i am new in blogging and i made many good friends of blogging and what i was seeing every time that they share some url by shortning i thought that its good but why they all the time shortens it. Now i come to know because of your post.
    Thanks once again surely i will try this now. ANd brother in mean time please check my blog and do one comment about my blog or on any post i will try to be better thanks once again

  42. Rizwan

    Krishna i wanna know about the FB groups you used to post your videos πŸ™‚

  43. Rizwan

    krishna, can i know about the groups?

  44. Hi Krishna Moorthy D,

    Nice for remembering this throw-back post! Its cool then. Helped many people even till now.

    Hope it still works?

  45. Very good post bro it’s an interesting way to earn some$$$ I have started using this
    and earned 50$ from it in 3 months,
    your articles are very useful for everyone to learn

    Thank’s for sharing this great post …

  46. + I started selecting amazing videos from Youtube and Shorted the links……… U edit videos u select from youtube and then share or anything else. Let me know..

  47. After that I guided my friend and said him to do that Job……….. plz eloborate more this line.. what u guided.. plz add this also to your post too.

  48. Aha that’s a great Looking forward to have my 100 Bucks Next month

  49. Thank you bro! Its really another big network which i can use and earn through social media. It shows 4.6$ for India and its amazing! πŸ™‚

  50. Facebook is not allowing me to post links
    how to go forth about it?

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