How To Increase the Speed of your Tablet..

Tablet Speed

All right you have a tablet right?….!

Hmmm,.Thats Pretty Good because everyone needs a tablet is it…?

Haha..JUst Kidding..Let us come to the Topic..

What if someone is buying a cheap tablet for around Rs.7000($150) and getting a slow result .,Imean  the tablet
is very slow,,what to do to make it a better one..

Dont.,Worry you are at the Right place...

The Main Application we all use on tablet is mainly the browser..Is it..?
Yes.,Ofcourse SO.,the Important point to Increase tablet speed is to download a good browser which never hangs but.,with high features

Most of the browsers becomes hang in cheap tablets..So.,

Just Download “Dolphin Browser”..

Note :- This is not a blogpost to promote Application “Dolphin Browser”.
Iam guiding you through this way because I’ve experienced it..

Click on this link to download Dolphin Browser..

Download Dolphin Browser

Or Just Search Dolphin on Google..Thats all..

But there it Doesnt Finish..More tips underneath to get more speed…

+ Uninstall Unwanted Apps.
+ Restart your Tablet once in a week.
+ Do not Store Files for The Limit..(Eg: If you have an Hardisk Capacity of 2GB and Dont Store The Entire 2Gb)
+ Scan For Viruses And Remove if Any
+ Dont Install Games and Apps With High Graphics Which your tablet cannot Afford it.
+ Clear Your Broser History Once in a week.

Thats All Now You can Start Your Pace …

Go on..

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