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how to guide


You know the fact that 90% of the bloggers are writing How to Guides to get some search traffic ? Yes its true because just like others we all are searching on the internet with the keyword “How to” even the bloggers now are finding some long tail keywords and targeting some good traffic after doing these things they’ll write a Perfect How to Guide so that the reader can find what he’s searching for and that’s what Google Want’s “Find what you’re searching for“.Writing an Article is easy so writing a How to Guide should be easy right? Yes, but if you want search traffic then its not that kinda easy dude!.In the past months with my old blogs I’ve got some good Search Engine traffic for my How To Guides, so I’m here to share some of the methods I use in OnPage SEO to get some search Traffic 🙂

Here it Goes : How to Write a Perfect How to Guide


Choose the Topic

To write a How to Guide You need a Topic right? So choose one topic which you know well and write on that.Always choose the topic that you know very very well else I’m sure that you may lack in ranking because Google don’t really need it.So take time  and do weird research and if you work hard you can find the right topic to write.So that you can move further in an expertised way.You can get Ideas from other blogs or from your Social Media Friends.


“”Writing” it takes some time for me to finish this part.Let’s start. The  #1 thing you’ve to keep in mind while writing a How to Guide is “Writing” then “OnPage SEO” So let’s start with writing.,


While writing a How to Guide keep in mind that you’re going to write for humans who are coming from Search Engines ,so to get some good traffic for your How to Guide you’ve to write a minimum of 700 Words.The more words you write the more your OnPage SEO strength is.From my side I reccomend you to write 1000-1500 Word article so that you’ve more chance to rock on Search Engines.Don’t expect 1000 Word for this article because no one is searching “How to write a How to Guide” 😛 I’m writing this for blogbeatz readers not for search visitors. 🙂 .


While writing a How to Guide always keep up your keyword consistency.Don’t mess up with keywords and write for Humans not for crawlers.Before making up the post do some keyword research and find some synonymous keywords so that you can use them for better ranking.

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In the past blogging times I was giving more care for the Keyword Density of my blog posts but since a month I was not caring even though I’m not lacking any of my ranks.Seriously I was confused on what the heck is happening.Last day I came to that its a fact.You should not care much on Keyword Density because if you give more care on that you’ll be writing that article for crawlers not for Humans.

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You can find the apt reason behind what I said int he above linked article.So guys always find some synonymous keywords and use it between don’t care keyword density.You just explain it in a better way so that you can build a relationship between your readers.


Interlinking takes a good part in search Rankings.Interlink your old related articles into your How to Guide to make a relation ship between your readers as well as it decreases the bounce rate of your blog.So Interlink your old articles which is suitable for your How to Guide and don’t feel bad for interlinking articles from other blogs which is helpful because you need to give your readers best.

OnPage SEO Practices

Do some OnPage SEO stuffs in your How to Guide just like you do on your other articles ,you can refer this guide to make some OnPage SEO boost.

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Final Verdict

All I’ve to say is don’t be lazy while writing a How to Guide.Take some time and write a perfect how to guide so that you can build a relationship with your Readers.Add all neccesary details and explain it with images.

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So guys feel free to ask your doubts and keep visiting Blogbeatz



  1. Hello Krishna Moorthy!
    Recently i read an article from Neil Patel, and he said that How-to Guides are the Most shared type of article over the Social Media.
    How to Guides have long tail keywords which can get you great search exposure.
    Also i want to suggest that we should use LSI keywords. Nowadays LSI keywords are considered as the ranking factor.
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. You were right krishna… how to plays a prominent roles while boostinh my webs PR to a mu h higher levels

  3. Hello Krishna,

    Informative article bro. Oh.. 1000 words, it is an hell of job for me, seriously! But I am trying to make it! 😀

    Thanks for sharing


  4. Nice post Krishna Impressive one. It hell lot takes more to write a how to guide love blogbeatz keep posting like this

  5. Hi Krishna,

    Awesome guide for writitng how to post. This guide must be helpful for newbies and tips provided for get better search rnaking is great…. 🙂

  6. Great post bro!Interlinking is the best way to do boost traffic and can have good onpage seo. Thanks for tips.

  7. Hello krishna bro,

    really thanku so much , today i found a very much helpful article.

  8. Again Awesome Article Bro! Really You are an inspiration to me! 🙂

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