IndiaGetOnline..?! What you think about that…

                                           free website

Dont think more about it by wasting your time If you are a small business man in India its time for you to get more business..You will be thinking what this guy is talkin about..

Iam talkin about the website which is managed and founded by Google,India and Hostgator.

Website :-

Logon to the above site to get business world wide…Here you can create a new “.in” website absolutely free to get your business at a higher level.

The features offered are :

+ Free .in Website for 1 year
+2500 Adcredit for free
+Easy to use site builder
+Google gadget support
+24/7 Live support

These are the main features they offer for you…

The main limitaions to be noted are :-

– The website is only available for 1 year
– PAN card is needed for account creation

After the site expires you can renew your site.And the site and domain supporter will be hostgator orelse you an leave your site at any time.

So,what are you waiting for if you are an SME just move on and create your free site today and promote your business..

If you have any doubts regarding this or any other technical problems just leave a comment.

$1.99 .Com at!

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