If Iam not wrong I think you areb webdesigner or a programmer at a basic level even..!Am I Right or….?

If not its ok we dont have any problem with that.

I asked this because a normal user will not use png file conversion tool..because he doesnt need it right..?

But for a webdesigner ,I mean a beginner who is yet to start a new website or a blog need real help for this question..
And the answer is right here.,So,Dont Worry.

$2.49 .Com at GoDaddy.com!You’ve seen in most of the websites the webpages are using “.png” file to get a good picturisation effect of the website.

PNG(Portable Network Graphics) is a type of image file which clearly makes your pictures content visible without any background problems.

For eg:-

If you create a picture with Adobe Photosho by just writing your company’s name

Here you can see a non-matching background.
This problem can be resolved by using .png file

The main Feature of Png file Foramt is a Png file can be placed in any kind of background and the png file will suit with all types of background.

You will see the pictures described below.

1)This Picture shows a noraml image file not matching with the background

2)This Picture shows the Actual png file which perfectly matches with the background.

Now How to Create a Png file ..

Step 1) Open your picture or create a new one with photoshop

Step 2) On the Right Side you can see a small window as Marked on the Image Clickon the One with Blue colour Double click and Open it then click ok.

Step 3) You can see a Magic Wand Tool On the Left side

Step 4) Click on the free area of the Picture (Here I clicked on the White Space)

Step 5) Click Delete Option on the Keyboard

Then you can see an Image like this
$2.49 .Com at GoDaddy.com!
Step 6) Save the File as .png Format as shown in Image

Thats all your file is ready ..Now you can use it on your webpages or anywhere..

Thankyou for your visit if you have any doubts please post a comment

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