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Are you having a bunch full of articles on your blog? You have an idea that they are quite informative and interesting by nature too?  Are they really unique and did you focused on your specific keywords? These are the three astonishing questions that sprang to our mind after a great online presence. Alas! Your audiences are not pointing to your blog and you can’t make the best out of it. So for that, the first thing that you should improve your writing skills before heading to the topic.


how to guideDid you ever think like this that what can be the main reason that people are not pointing to your blog though everything is properly written and well synchronized?

Well, the uttermost problem that all newbie blogger faces in this blogging era is “Irrelevancy”, you opt for blogging as a career then you left that in the middle as you are not getting the right potential from your blog but the fault is in you so better correct it today don’t wait for tomorrow. One should choose those topics that they are excel in. Choosing the right industry or hobby you want to write about will help you to raise more high. Remember this proverb that sounds awesome in this context that “knowing is one thing and expressing what you know is exactly a game of pitch and toss where the probability of understanding is fifty percent so better stick to your topic”.

Let’s Start!

The beginning is hard but the task is not impossible. Finding a great topic needs a lot of time so you can better read this post on finding a great topic for your blog. Doubts and questions will always pop up on your mind but don’t think as much as thinking is nothing but a waste of your precious time. I love what I write about, I’m writing since many days? Does my passion die about? These few questions always twist our mind upside down. Now don’t worry am not a guru or a mentor nor a pro blogger but just a self-proclaimed blogger who will be sharing some pieces of advice. These are all my hit trial strategies that I learnt over the past five years.

Analyse Your Work!

First comes first, well you need to have a grip over the blogging industry. But you will say me I’m having a good domain name relevant to my niche so I know everything. Nope, you don’t know you need to make sense with your writing that includes all sort of latest developments to personalize yourself. Say for an example “People Love Case Studies on Blogging Blogs” than “How to Rank Keywords” because that “How to rank keywords” are present in millions in the search result but your’s “Case study is yours” and it’s unique.  Example: I guess “How I built a Micro Niche Website and am Earning $174 in a month” is the greatest hit for Shoutmeloud.

Don’t repeat what’s in the web itself be creative to find new stuff. Who wants to read all the bookish stuff again and again? School life is over so does the static web writings that serve no interest.

Try To Be Creative!

Write about events or a new development. Try writing on some topics like “Cool websites”, “Funny websites” where the competition is low and the exposure is high. Getting on the first page for a decent search will not only help you to raise high but will also prove to be useful. The straight question that will come up on your mind is how will we get this topic? The answer is simple to join some event that serves your interest. A little investment can turn too much profit.

Writing for a social cause rises high and people love it like anything. You can write about different public welfares. Make debate out of it. Also, you can seek NGO’s as they are constantly in need of somebody to outsource their stories so in both ways all are profitable.

Target forum and social media platforms like “Quora” where the amounts of visitors are high. You can drop your link there to attract a ton of visitors to read your blog but keep in mind don’t spam there.

Here’s A Bonus For You!

There are also many resources available on the internet that can help you pick a nice topic for your next blog post. Use websites like Buzzsumo,, EpicBeat by Elections, Blekko, and Social Mention, among others that will help you get information about trending topics.

If still things don’t go on your way then using software like “Portents” can help you a bit to ease your hard work.

If nothing works fine just give a break to yourself. Click on that restart button present on you and wait till it gets self-booted. You will surely come up with a great idea to be sure but “If you are not feeling lucky enough” then just pick any of these weird websites (Only for fun, don’t spend your whole day here) mentioned here and refresh your mind also give a kick to your engine for the development of an awesome blog. Good Luck! Don’t forget to share your views




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  2. I agree. Being creative is the biggest challenge as most bloggers have a mind block which they need to overcome at some point. After that, writing a blog becomes a cake walk.

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