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How to Do Sponsorship Tweets and Make Money Out of it

sponsorship tweets
Sponsorship Tweets are one of the confusing words for the newbie’s I’m telling this because I was a bit confused with it in the past times.Sometimes when I’m roaming around the the Buysellads I can see many websites offering sponsorship tweets and it’s like $20 per tweet and that was confusing me a lot of times.Finally I cleared the doubt my self .Making Money online is a difficult job for the newbie’s but if you start making money online then you keep on making it.The best part of it is that it’s so interesting to make money online since the last 6 months I’m researching on New Make Money Online websites and new monetization methods just because I love it and now here on BlogBeatz I’m making a post on
What is Sponsorship Tweets ?
Sponsorship tweets are simple like making a tweet in our twitter profile and we get paid for it.I can make this more clear with an Example.
A is a Company or Blogger who want’s to promote his blog or Product.He found that making a tweet on a profile with a good number of followers can help him done with his promotion.
B is a blogger or a company who is having a Good and famous twitter profile and already has a good number of followers in it.
So A  is Interested in making a tweet in  B’s  Profile and B is also interested in Doing it if A is ready to pay for it.
That’s it finally A  pays some amount for a tweet in B profile and he gets money and A has done his Job.
How to Do Sponsorship Tweets
Doing sponsorship tweets is easy but getting advertisers is difficult.There are some places like IZEA(Under Construction) and BuySellads for delivering tweets.If you are a publisher of BuySellAds then you can see the option in your dashboard about adding your twitter profile.
Buysellads is a famous ad network where you can also grab the tweeters.If you have a good amount of Followers then getting tweets are easier.Attracting the customers is a difficult job and try to lower your charges per tweet so that you can attract more members and as the request increases slightly Increase the rate.That will really work.
Direct Tweets
Getting Direct tweets also depends up on your followers and connections you have in your field.If you have a good amount of followers then go post about accepting sponsorship tweets.May be you get more compared to Buy Sell ads
How Much Can You Earn ?
Repeatedly I’m saying it all depends up on the number of followers you have.Suppose if you’re having around 8k followers then you may get $20 per tweet.Else if you are having 5k Followers then you may get around $15.The Oppurtunities in earning with twitter is very high in my point of view you’ll understand it if you see this image.
sponsorship tweets
This is the Image taken from BuySellads where you have to pay $4600 per tweet.This is the twitter profile of Paris Hilton and she has almost 12.5 Million Followers.
It’s Time to Grab Your Followers
Yes, I’m right in my point of view because from the above screenshot itself you can understand the oppurtunities in earning with Twitter.So as I said it’s time to grab your readers and put on a banner like “Tweets for Sale”.
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  1. Hello Krishna Nice post, But one point is ” do you know any site that buy & sells tweats” if you know then pls tell.

    • As I said Already Buysellads is the best way to get some tweets, Betweeen is also good but they are currently changing their system. 🙂

      Thanks and Keep Visiting 🙂

  2. Nice. I think I should build my twitter followers now!

  3. I should start considering building my twitter followers soon.. thanks for sharing! Krishna bro.

  4. Bro You Are Right making Money With Twitter but How TO Get More followers in twitter its a problem 😀
    By the Way Nice Post Keep Writing 😀

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