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Here at Mock Byte I’ve written many articles related to creating and managing a website.

Creating a website in the present world is as eating an apple.Even a small child who knows about “what is website?” can even create a website.
If you are about to create a Buisiness website this is not the post for you and don’t waste your time reading this.
But if you are about to create a personal website this is the right post for you so read it completely
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Nowadays most of the peoples are afraid to create their personal website due to their lack in technical knowledge and they are confused with technical terms associated with it.

But,now in the current world creating a personal website is very easy.There are only some technical words associated with the present Webdesigning systems.

So These are some of the technical terms

Domain – Your Website Name (
Hosting – The Place where you store files to show in your website (Windows Hosting/Linux Hosting ? Select as per your Operating Systems)
WebBuilder Tools – Self Explanatory : Which creates the design of your website.

More Technical Terms at Ease at

+ Website Guide By MockByte

So knowing these technical terms you can easily create a website without spending your $ to the nearset Designers.

So, Follow the Steps and Create Your Website Today Itsself …

Register Your Domain Name

This is the name of your website (eg : Find your domain name availability and grab it soon before someone do it.

Choose the Lowest Hosting Plan

As you are about to design a personal website choosing the lowest plan will be suitable for you so that you can save your money.
You need a webhosting service to make your site visible.

Choose the Lowset SiteBuilder Tool

Because you are not good at coding,you need a webdesinger tool, so that you can easily design your personal website and its all about Drah and Drop.

Build Your Site

Create Your website with ease and let the world amaze by seeing your website , even you can ask the customer service about your doubts and they will clear it within minutes.

Publish Your Website

That’s it your site is completed and its time to show the world how is your site and what is there in it.

So, if you follow these steps you can easily design your webiste with ease and comfort


Here the diffrence comes becuase if you are contacting any webdesigners or online services(other than mockbyte)
You have to pay around $100 to $500 per month but if you are creating a website by your own it just costs $80 per Year**

Wanna See How..?

Domain – $10 /Year
Hosting- $60/Year (A free Domain Withit)
Site Builder – $15/Year**

Calculated with GoDaddy the World’s No:1 Domain Registrar.

+ GoDaddy Review Know Everything

So If you are using the free domain(Reccomended) which you got form your hosting plan it just costs you $75/Year**.

If you are about to create a free personal website Read Our

+ Free .in Domain Webiste For SME in India
+ 11 Free Tools to Manage your Website.

Don’t Know to use these services don’t worry all you have to do is click Contact Mock Leave us a comment about Your.

+ Website
+ Domain Name(You wish to Create)
+ Your Budget /Year
+ Your Country 
+ Your Currency
+ Kind of Website 

and other Comments about what you want from us.

Just like other Donors and Designers in the real world now, we don’t make you spend $100 to $500 per month …

You just Spend $50 Per Year*** withus and we are there to manage your website and make it reach the peak with 100% Money back guarentee.

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