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Everytime when I meet a newbie who own a blog especially when some one is going to start a new blog they ask me “Which Niche should I select” or what kinda blog should I start.I’ve  a question to ask you 😛 If I’m coming to you and asking the same question what will be your reply? Really its a confusing question and there is a guy who know the answer of this question very well and that’s none other than “You” .According to my knowledge you are the best one to choose the niche for your new blog and I’m having Zero role in that.But how will you select the best niche? Here I’ll share the crack on how to find the best niche for your blog .

Here are the 5 Steps to Follow and Find the best Niche for your blog


1.Your Interest

I don’t have any knowledge in health or health care , so tomorrow I’m going to start a new blog on Health.You think it will succeed ? Ofcourse it will if you are going to spin articles from other blogs but here I’m not considering any bad methods sorry.Let’s think ethically do you think that I can succeed with Health blog without knowing anything about health.But there is a way I can solve that! If I can find a writer or some friends or family members where I can grabs some resources then it’s fine I can work on it and make it a hit.You know what you can make some big money with Health Niche blog if you’re working smartly but I’ll never ever recommend you to go with health niche if you don’t really know about it.So what I’m coming to say is that “Understand your talents and Knowledge” if you have talents in designing then start a designing blog or if you have interest in tech then start a tech blog and I’m sure you’ll show some interest in working on it and hence you make money from it too.May be sometimes you can have many knowledge may be both on Tech and Designing or many, but we can take care of that in the coming points 😉 .


2. Analyse the SERP

May be you have a super cool Idea to start a tech blog but what the hell is already happening on the SERP(Search Engine Result Page) ? High competition I guess ,so if you feel like breaking the competition and making up a blog wonder hit! I warmly welcome you to the Blog-o-sphere else if you’re a lazy guy who is scary about SERP then sorry you should change the niche.Here you can use the idea I mentioned in the above point.You can think of your 2nd Talent  and start from the first step 🙂

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3. Resources

Now you have a blog oh amazing so how much content you have? Lol! If you are weak in Health then how will you write your content? That’s the thingy here.If you are choosing the right niche which you have more interest on then you can easily find resources to write articles.So always choose the best niche and the one which you love the most.


4.How it Works

Do you really know how the niche you selected work? After deciding a niche all you have to do is go to the world wide web and understand the current status of that niche especially check for some successful peoples in that niche to know more about How your niche works.Connect with some people on the same niche through social media and analyse their blog.Think of the best ways to make your blog a hit.

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5.Multi Niche

If you know many things including tech ,web, how to’s, designing , Health and everything then you can move to a new Multi Niche blog to make some big money and traffic.But simply starting a multi niche is not enough you have to work a lot on that.So I recommend you to analyse a lot before moving to multi niche.

Anyway guys in all the case you have to work inorder to make your blog a hit.So feel free to ask your doubts and explore your talents and knowledge through your blog.Have a Great Day and Keep Visiting Blogbeatz 🙂


  1. I admit the term “Interest”….
    Without Interest the blog will break down.. <3
    Nice article…

  2. I thing one thing you are missing that is “capacity” . Do you have capacity for manage that types of nice blog.
    Nice article..
    keep writing bro

  3. Awesome post on selecting niche based blogging..I already search a lot article based on choosing perfect niche based blog but m not satisfied with that.But you really explained well to optimize better choosing of niche blog..Thanks Krishna Bro for sharing this awesome article.

  4. Really these are really helpful..thanks to share with us..

  5. Thanks for the information Krishna. Well, Using Long Tail Pro Tool is also a good one to find out niches 🙂


  6. Hello Krishna,

    Interest is the one all you need to choose the best niche for your blog. Informative article.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice Post Bro…
    Keep Blogging.

  8. Multi niche doesn’t work all the time and If someone starts Multi niche without any interest then they are going to quit it soon by messing all the things up. First one need to establish a good blog and then they need to try multi niche blogs out.

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