1. the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.
    “content analytics is relevant in many industries”


Analyzing something or tracking something is a great way of knowing or measuring the work we did. As a blogger and content marketer, I’m always curious to know the numbers.

Numbers is something really interesting and I show my complete gratitude towards Google Analytics for making such a massive technology and interface to help people understand the numbers (even though they eat our data, the tool is cool).

But then again there is something more left on the plate, and that’s Hotjar (sorry, I mean Heatmap analytics and more).

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I know what you’re thinking. Let me tell you the fact that I’m not reviewing this tool or requesting you to purchase the subscription. This is my experience and Hotjar team doesn’t even know that I’m writing this. I don’t get paid and they don’t offer affiliate program either (that’s sad). But that doesn’t affect me from writing my experience.

I badly wanted to write this article because I made a heatmap analytics tool with the help of a software company in Kochi and I was badly in love to take it to next level (but actually I couldn’t). I wanted to make something like hotjar so that heatmap analytics become very much easier for bloggers and marketers to use, but I’m glad that hotjar has successfully made it happen. I feel proud and very much happier to know about this tool.

Ok coming to the point


Heatmap analytics is crucial for bloggers and digital marketers to keep track of their users behavior.

So, hotjar


It’s a beautiful tool and it will help you track your user’s behavior and it even records the video of your user’s actions (it’s funny sometimes).

I use a free version of hotjar and I frankly don’t make use of their features like conversion funnel or feedback thing or whatever they have.

I believe that the only thing I need to know about my blog is just the numbers and the user experience. I can see that through hotjar (no, not the numbers but the experience).

They show me the heatmap, they show me the videos and I’m so glad that I could be able to see these details for free.

Isn’t that nice?

They do have some amazing features within their paid plans and maybe you should check them out.


Their interface is just beautiful (I’m a very big fan of beautiful UIX designs) and I should accept the fact that the design is so damn user-friendly.

From the shadows around the button to site verification, they made everything pretty clear and beautiful.

That’s one of the reasons that made me stick to hotjar.

maybe this video might help

Their design is clean and no matter how uneducated or your technical capabilities, they engineered it in such a way that even a kid blogger can make use of it to improve his business.

even more

I hate when this kind of apps and tools include every other non-sense, unrelated functionalities within their tool to make it look cool, it’s not at all cool!

But I think hotjar kind of made it clean. They have few more features like conversion funnel where you can track the conversion rate and analyze the flow with the different analytics data.

You can track forms and see how your readers respond to it. You can even add a survey box or collect feedback from your readers with their so-called boxes (or whatever, but I didn’t like the design).


So far soo good!

Everything’s pretty neat, loving their analytics data, the interface is calm and cool, integration and testing process are simply fabulous. The features sound great (even though I just tried heatmap and recordings).

It’s pretty neat to stick on to and that’s what I feel. Obviously loving every moment with hotjar and there is no question about that, maybe you should give it a try and let me know whether it sucks!

I don’t think there is much to think about, you’re here to read my experience and I’d say “go ahead and sign up” because it’s a tool worth comparing with crazyegg and all other great tools rocking the market right now.

Here’s a bad joke

“I couldn’t even imagine that day when Google analytics come up with heatmap analytics (not behavior analytics) and this kind of features for FREE! Holy shit.”

that’s it for today, folks!





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November 28, 2017

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