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Here,at Mock Byte I’ve written some articles about the GoDaddy Review and about a Free “.in”

If you’ve missed Read It..

Now In this Article Iam going to post about Planning a website for your business or Personal Needs.
This is a Complte Guide..Please Read it completely orelse you may not get the right decision.
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Assuming that You know what is a website imove.,Further.

What You Need For a Website  ?

For Creating a website online all you need is to plan your content and the only one that can do is you.

+ Have A Correct Budjet Before You Start Your Website
+ Target the Audians
+ Plan What all things you need to do on your Website
+ Finnally Plan Domain Donator for your Site(Eg.GoDaddy)

How to Create A Website?

Its much simple to create a website in present technologies available in the real world.,Even a small Child can Create one If he Knows some terms like.

+ Domain Registration

+ Web Hosting
+ Web Site Builder

What is Domain ?

A Domain name is the name of your website like etc….
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Normally It takes around $10/Year For Domain Registraion
But You Dont Worry You will get a free Domain From GoDaddy.

What is WebHosting ?

Creating A Domain Doesnt Means that your site is Ready…You need to have a webhosting plan to get your data uploaded to your Domain

So All You Need is Buy a WebHosting Plan and It Costs Around Rs.260($5) Per Month At (Now 50% off) Grab it Fast.
And the rate depends upon your needs.

What is WebSite Builder ?

Much Self Explanatory from the Word Itself.Yes You are Right the website builder is a tool which helps you to design your website without any tech hassless.
The Tool is completely code free there is no requirment of any technical skills for you its all about “Drag & Drop”.

And You can get the WebDesigner Tool for your Website From Godaddy for Just Rs.50($1).

Website Promotion  ?

There the Role of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Comes that means if you want to get your site promoted to various Search Engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing.

And an Advertisement System Promotes your Sites and Boost your Traffic(No: of Visits to Your Site)

Budget Matters ?

Yes, Budjet Matters because it depends upon your needs ..quite simple..

If You are planning to create a free website for your buisiness and Dont want to Invest Read This Post (Only for Indians)

A Rate Chart is Given Below (Approximate Value)

Personal Or Small Buisiness : Rs.3000($50) Per Year*
Proffesional Or Medium Business : Rs.6840($114) Per Year*
High Buisiness or Projetcs : Rs.10000+($200+) Per Year*
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**The Rate is Calculated from and it is according to the present Offer Prices and this is an Approximate Values**

You may have wondered manytimes why this blooger(me) is talking always about Why cant you use another vendor for that?

The Answer is quite simple I just love Becuase they give away all the services right at one Place thats the best a Domain Registar can do

And All At A Very Affordable Rates Compared to the Current Market…And Iam talking about the Worlds No:1 Domain Company not about a silly Registration company..

Some of the Features Available Are..

+ Domain Registeration
+ Website Builder
+ SSL Security Certificate
+ Email Marketing
+ Search Engine Optimization
+ Webhosting
+ Online Storage
+ Mobile Website
+ Estore
+ Mobile E Store
+ Social Media Marketing
+ PayPerClick Advertising
+ Webbased Email
+ Certified Domains

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and More and More Right at One place so that you dont need to roam around.

Iam advising you to create an account at Godaddy and take a look of your website plans..

+ Create Account
+ Put it up in the cart

Now itself click any of the banners to do so or search your domain availablity at Here….

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