A Complete Study On Guest Blogging Contest

Guest Blogging Contest” – This is something viral nowadays , you can see many blogs starting guest blogging contest.But have you ever thought of the advantages of conducting a Guest blogging contest on your blog? Are you planning Β to do so, then this is the post for you.From last month I was researching on Guest Blogging contest and now I’m making a post on it.Here I’ll be explaining about the amazing factors and advantages behind Guest Blogging Contest.
Ok Here I’ve a question to ask you.What will you do after making a post for a Guest Blogging contest ? I hope the answer you are going to give me is Sharing.Why? because you need shares,Comments etcc to win the contest.Now may I ask another question, how many shares you do alone? 10 Group Shares or atleast 10 Shares Including page,groups and timeline.I’m damn Sure you do it because you need shares and comments to win the Game πŸ™‚ .Even guest bloggers are using Email Marketing to get traffic.Now what happens when you are sharing? the blog owner get’s traffic.Let’s do a small calculation.
1 Post * 10 Shares We can expect 10 Page views from 1 Share.So,
1 Post * 10 Shares = 10 Shares *10 Pageviews = 100 Pageviews πŸ™‚ Agree with me? Yes you should.
So, if the contest covered almost 10 Posts then ,
10 Posts * 10 Shares = 100 Shares * 10 Pageviews = 1000 Pageviews.
If it’s 30 Posts then 3000, 40 = 4000 and So on
Note :- This is Just a round and minimum calculation almost 60+ Shares are done for a Post a day.So think of the traffic I guess it cross 10k a day may be.
The most precious one in this game is content.To win the contest most of the blogger try to write killer articles to attract readers and to get shares and likes.Even they don’t mind sharing their secrets.But you should not be sad to share your secret tips because the blogger is paying you $100+ if you win it.We Should respect him. πŸ™‚
So coming to the topic. In a guest blogging contest ,normally blog owners get more than 10+ Killer Articles and it may go till 50+ and it depends on the Contest price.More the price more the articles and traffic.So I’m going for a calculation especially for bloggers who makes this contest.
10 Killer Articles Normally Costs more than $5 So,
10 Articles * $5 = $50 πŸ™‚ and It’s Quite Self Explanatory πŸ˜‰
It nearly reached the contest price :P.
Make Money Factors
Yes, you can make money with Guest blogging contest.As I said a blog conducting guest blogging contest will be getting a good amount of traffic say 3000 Page views daily.So if that guy is using adsense in his blog then think of his earning.
Note :- If you are running a Blogging Niche Blog it’s difficult to make money with it.Other than blogging niche can make big money πŸ™‚
So back to the calculation,
3000 Page Views * 3% CTR = 90 Clicks * $0.10 CPC = $9 a DayΒ 
Isn’t that super cool? Here I’m calculating with a Low CPC and a low CTR.You can make much bigger amount from this contests .
So $50 for contentΒ + $9 a Day*10 Days Contest = $140Β 
That’s more than the price of the Contest.We can make it $100 ($40-) then also it’s super cool.So don’t think twice before going for a guest blogging contest.
Social Media Presence and Branding
Yes, when people start sharing their post on “Your Blog” then more and more bloggers are knowing about your blog.There you blog is becoming famous and branding is on duty.After the guest Blogging Contest also you get readers ,real readers and daily visitors.You get more likes to your page and twitter followers just like a giveaway.
How to Make Guest Blogging Contest Viral ?
To make a guest blogging contest viral, use the social media effectively.Ask some Pro-Bloggers to join the contest and if they join others automatically join.Facebook is the best place to make it go viral.
A Message to Blog Owners Conducting Guest Blogging Contest
Don’t be sad if you are not getting participants.Try hard and use some above tips to make it go viral.Please do care the amount of the Contest.Give minimum $50 to make a good benefits out of it.A Good marketing leads to a good blog.There may be many other benefits too.Try to understand the potential and use it at your maximum.
Here That’s all I’ve to say.Just move on and make your blog go viral with these types of contest.If you have a doubts please let me know and I expect your valuable comments here πŸ™‚



  1. Man Classy πŸ˜‰ superbb one πŸ˜€

  2. Nice article Krishna. You have done a good job and yes, it’s a bit difficult to earn money through Ads on Blogging Niche.

  3. Yes krishna there are lots of benefits of organizing guest blogging contest on blog.Specially If you are newbie and no one knows about your blog then guest blogging contest if necessary for you.I also organize $110 guest blogging contest on my blog trickmik and get good results.

    Krishna i want to two benefits of guest blogging contest in your article.

    1) guest blogging contest also improve your serp in google.Because serp is mainly depend on social signal.
    2) This contest help you to interact with big bloggers.Like i interact with krishna and others bloggers like ankit singla and nirmala mam.These big bloggers always help us in difficult time.

    • Yes, Monu Alagh You’re right, but we cannot expect a sudden rise in SERP or may be some blogs may not be feeling that, So I didnt noticed them.Then the Social Media Interaction should be added.

      Thanks Monu and Keep Visiting πŸ™‚

  4. Very awesome post Krishna bro.

    As you already know that I’m planning to start a guest blogging contest on TechClicko, these tips and information will help me a lot. πŸ™‚

  5. great job bro… was a deep research about guest blogging contest..keep it up bro..

  6. That is really a killer idea to increase the blog popularity. Due to some time problem and number of blogs This time I could not take in this contest but in the near future I will try to take part in such type of contest. keep it bro..

  7. Article is good. But I have a question brother.

    1.Does Blogger/Blogspot stat counter give real results?
    2. What are the best page views for the beginners?

    Gagan Masoun

    • Yeah they give good results and Best Pageviews is not the matter you need good contents…:)
      Please don’t add your links here πŸ™‚

      Thanks and Keep Visiting πŸ™‚

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