RevenueHits, provides the great platform to monetize your blog, if you have the traffic. It is one of the best ad networks, which is performance based and nothing is complicated about this network. You can easily monetize the assets of your website from toolbars to IM application.The team of RevenueHits comprises of highly reputed and experienced professionals from the field of finance, marketing and as well as tech. Read out to know why should you be joining RevenueHits now?

Services That are Provided

They don’t provide just one of the advertisement, but have myriad ads to select from depending on your preferences for your blog. Here is a list of what they offer to their publishers:

Text ads
Apps and widgets
Pop Ups / Pop – Unders
Custom formats
XML Feeds


You can either go for text ads or pop-ups or unders depending what shall bring you maximum earning. You even get assistance from their managers at every step so that you can optimize your ads to the fullest.


Why Should you be joining RevenueHits Now?


They have a summer contest running for a period of 4 months, where every publisher of RevenueHits gets chance to win amazing prizes at the end. The rules of the contest are very simple. Let me discuss them with you:

  • Automatically, every publisher of RevenueHits is enrolled with them for their summer contest.
  • Simply depending on your earning at the end of the 4 months from 15thJune’2015 to 15th Oct ‘2015, you will get a prize. And Believe me Prize are Alluring!
  • It is not a raffle, so need to get traffic to your blog or website to earn maximum.
  • Your total earnings will be summation of your referral program earnings with your actual earnings in that period. Once, you reach a certain level, which has been set, you will be getting a prize for sure.

Here is the list of lucrative prizes

  • If you earn more than $100,000, you get a holiday for 2 in the most romantic destination of the world, Maldives
  • If you earn more than $50,000, you get a chance to select from a MacBook, Nikon SLR Camera, Sony 65 inch smart LED TV. You can even select $3,000 cash prize.
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  • The list is endless, if you are not sure of your earnings, and earn just $500 at the end of the contest, you still have amazing prizes to win like CAD U9 USB Omnidirectional Microphone, Everus Ultra-portable Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker with Powerful Stereo Sound Build in or Vivitar TEL-150x Refractor Telescope with Tripod. Even $25 hard cash can be won at this stage.
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Isn’t alluring enough for you to join RevenueHits Right away and get applicable for their summer contest.