Google Developer Tool to Test Speed of Website

“The Web Should Be Fast” – Google.Yes!, Google said this quote because Google the master of Internet take care of this thing.You may know different things to be obeyed in SEO to get traffic as well as rank.But have you ever thought about the speed of your website May be Yes or even No.For people who says No then it’s time for you to make a change in your blog or website.

When you do SEO for your blog you look into many things like submitting the sitemap,Social Media sharing ,creating backlinks etc..etc.. But you know one thing that when you make changes to your blog actually your websites or blog’s speed decreases.

Why Should You Boost the Speed 

“Surveys says that if a website is not leading in 4seconds then the user closes the tab” I think people are crazy in this thing right but as a blogger if I’m taking my case it’s right I also closes the website if it’s speed sucks.So what you can do is to improve the speed.Speeding the website or blog has many other advantages than the user intefernce

You can check the speed of your website in many places like Gtmetrix and Pingdom etc.But what if you are checking the speed of your website at Google itself ??

Website :
Website :

Google Developer -Website Speed Test

Google’s Developers designed a system to check the speed of your website and that to for free and that’s the main reason I love Google because it gives all free stuffs ;).

Here are the Steps to test the speed of your website

Step 1 : Go to Google Page Speed Insights

Step 2 : Enter your website’s or Blog’s URL

Step 3 : Click on Analyze

Final Check the Speed and correct the Problems.


It seems like my website is scoring Good on Computer and really sucks with Mobile.Anyway it’s time to improve it.

So,Guys go on and  take a free test and correct your problems suning a CDN will surely help in this case.If you want a detail Report in PDF you can use your valuable comments and Happy Blogging. 😉

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