Google Penalty Fallout – Are all blogs in Danger?



Google’s crusade

The most recent hype on the Internet is all about how Google has decided to clear out the spam backlinks and to make guest blogging a pleasant and worthy experience once again. However, it seems like all they are doing is punishing bloggers for what they do best. In the end, the process of spam link cleansing will require sacrifices and some time for the wounds to heal, but ultimately the idea is to make guest blogging marketing enjoyable.

The recent punishments by Google included some major companies that will have a difficult time climbing up the SEO systems again. It is not a fatal blow, but it will certainly hinder some plans they had.


Is it all about monopoly?

For someone who is not dealing with SEO and link trading, what Google is doing might seem monstrous. On the other hand, guest blogging and guest spamming has become a nightmare for not just blogs but for highly influential companies as well. That is one of the main reasons why guest blogging should be reshaped and reinstituted as something that will be appreciated again. Unfortunately, many bloggers will feel the aftermath of the crusade, but they will be more valued after the guest blogging reboot.

The idea is not to cut off guest blogging, but to bring it back as an invaluable source of marketing and blogging. The method of how this will be done will be changed, but the end results will be the same.


A glimpse of the future

Once Google roots out most of the harmful links and sets up new rules and new methods for using guest blogging, many of the bloggers will realize that the change is not necessarily bad. From the technical point of view, nothing will change, but creating sitemaps and links will help with indexing your website and making it more search engine friendly. Besides, the more indexed and more actively updated your website is the faster it will load.

Page elements like ALT and H-tags, Meta tags and SEO friendly items will still play a huge role in how your website is ranked. It will be imperative to keep good link composure and to have all your sources checked.


Content control

Even though creating engaging content is still a key role to be among the top-of-the-range bloggers, in the future content will play an even more important role. Because spam will become the thing of the past, you will have to focus on how well done your posts are. No more creating large numbers of links, quality over quantity is the motto of the new revamped guest blogging.

Another important aspect that every website will have to consider is the adaptability to mobile devices as well, not just phones but tablets and other handheld devices. With busy and engaging lifestyles, it is imperative for your website to be accessible from anywhere at any time.


Into the future

The new algorithm employed by Google, the Hummingbird, might seem as a step towards making blogging harder, but it is actually a logical next step in SEO marketing. In order for bloggers and companies to overcome the changes lying ahead, they will need to adapt to the new systems and algorithms that are developed in order to make SEO strategies easier to implement.  SEO has evolved, starting forum posts and article directories to finishing with completely organic search system.

The bottom line is that fluctuations will keep happening and the Internet is a living community that will continue to transform. All we can do is to try to keep up with it.

Leana Thorne is a devoted blogger and a regular contributor to several blogs. She enjoys sharing newly found information, and loves writing and is always happy to be of help – from search engine ranking to social media discovery.


  1. Now a days, I’ve read in some article that guest article redirect traffic will not consider as penalized traffic..
    Means that traffic won’t get impressed over in daily traffic rate. Is that penalize any other issues??

    • @Rahul, Guest Blogging is not going to harm your website in anyway only if your article is High Quality one. If you are writing a low quality or spinned article as the guest post then It may affect your blog or even it can penalize your blog 🙂

  2. Is GuestBlogging is alive again..I heard many people saying Guest blogging is dead and of no use in SEO perception. But Even I personally belive we will get more traffic and more readers through guest blogging. Morever will get a nice backlink which helps us to increase our SERP rank and page rank.

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  4. Hi moorty,

    Always following your topics.. Nice tips being shared. 🙂

  5. hey , you are just amazing … nice post please keep posting articles like this

  6. I think like others have mentioned, as long as your focus is on creating and sharing top quality unique content there is nothing to fear. It is the quality that matters not who writes it or what it links to!

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