Google Panda 4.0 Revealing More Unknown Keywords

google panda keyword

google panda keyword


OMG! check the image 😛 the Panda 4.0 is wondering what the hell am I talking about , huh! yes I’m going to write about a major change I’ve noticed in Panda 4.0.I’m not sure that this is a new feature of panda 4 but I got this change after the entry of Panda 4 and for confirmation I asked some of my friends to check the same and yes, there are changes 🙂

Actually we all know about the difficulty in getting search traffic ,and ofcourse google is helping us a lot in understanding the keywords we are ranking and getting traffic from, but still google is hiding a good amount of keywords with the term “Unknown Search Terms” or “Unknown Keywords“.Since years I’m getting frustrated because of this “unknown keywords” .According to me , If I can check all the keywords from where I’m getting traffic then I’m very happy with that because I can analyze the complete SEO success of my blog.I don’t really know the exact reason behind this “unknown keywords” some are saying its because of security issues and some others are saying its because of Adwords issues 😛 total confusion 🙂 .

If you’re a guy getting frustrated because of Google’s “Unknown Keywords” then you may try checking the Webmasters quires and you can get all the quires there 🙂


The Change In “Unknown Keywords”

There’s nothing much to explain on this topic because this is a small change for you but for me its not a small feature because its going to help me a lot.Oh dude I forgot to say about the Feature and its nothing but “Google Is Revealing more Unknown Keywords“.From the last days I’m wondering why my statics is showing more keywords comparatively to the past.First I thought its a change in traffic but frankly speaking my traffic just increased by 20-30% because of the Panda 4.o ,but thank god panda 4 is revealing more unknown keywords.

To be more clear , In the past 90% of my keywords are swallowed by “Unknown” but now only 70% of the keywords are taken by Unknown and that’s something special for me.The best thingy behind revealing “Unknown Keywords” is that one can easily analyze his SEO status and make good improvements for sure.So check whethere you’ve got any changes and if your answer is yes , please let me know it through comments Keep blogging ,have a great day and Keep visiting Blogbeatz.


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