3 Reasons why Google is Making You Mad

google is making you mad

google is making you mad

Google is the heart of internet entrepreneurs , bloggers and other web geeks.If you ask me I should say google is everything for me because I make a living out of it and it’s a lot more helpful for me.If you are a blogger or an internet marketer then google is very important for you because all you need is search engine traffic that converts.

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Sometimes when I work on my seo or my clients seo , at times I feel weird 🙁 the main reason behind it is the process called seo.Ranking for a specific keyword is not that easy and it takes time according to the completition.But when we start the process of seo with our blog or our clients then google is out enemy and everything will turn weird.You know why the hell is that happening.   ? 🙁 let me tell you.

Are you Google friendly ?

This is a crazy question you need to answer this.Are you google friendly ? May be your website is seo friendly that doesn’t mean that you’re google friendly :p I’m confusing you right ? Aha! actually you have to work on your blog by knowing the real ethics of blogging and seo.You need to know what google wants and how google works 🙂 I know it’s difficult to learn that stuff but if you’re passionate about it then don’t be late, learn it.It takes time may be a lot of time still you can manage it 🙂 work on blogging and make money stuffs only if you’re passionate about it else leave it.

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Backlinks? Is it helpful ?

Ofcourse backlinks help but you need to understand some real facts about backlinks.Basically google is not giving any values to the number of backinks you get.If you get 2 Backlinks (quality ones) instead of 100 waste links then 2 is more enough for a better rank.Google wants someone to refer your blog contents positively.The more the referring , more the rank 🙂

Content? Does it have any values

values content  the most, content is the king for google.You know that google is working hard on their algorithm for better search results.So write for readers and not for crawlers let the readers become satisfied with your content.Dont just write for traffic, write to share, to explain , to make it clear so that the customer is happy with google and google is happy with you. 🙂 got me. ?

Final verdict

Well, nothing much to explain.Just obey google and learn what google wants.Research and write every article perfectly.Write with an experience.As I said google is working hard for their users and we are working hard for income.So work like mad and earn some bucks.Be patient  🙂 keep calm and keep visiting blogbeatz


  1. Really that was nice post Krishna Moorthy

  2. Nice post , really Google is best friend for bloggers .If you have friendship with it then you will be super helped by Google.

  3. hi Krishna
    well say bro, google is just about to fell crazy. your article is good and describe all what google need indeed. quality Content + Quality backlink. thanks for the article.

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