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Google Adsense Official App: New Version Stuffed with Features

Hey beatz, hope you all doing good and engaged in reading Blogbeatz too ;). This Google Adsense Official App was released before few months but still many of my mates are using that old Adsense Dashboard  App, so I thought about writing a post and here I’m up with an all new Google Adsense Official App for Android  with some beautiful features and a reliable method to track your earnings and referrals through app without your PC.

Now lets get back to an App for Google Adsense I used before an year, Adsense dashboard by Gregory Block was a very simple and useful App and always thought I could have this limited information through this mobile App about my Earnings, referrals,Page views,Clicks,CTR, CPC, etc. Is it so?? It is never so from the day  I’m using Google Adsense Official App for Android. 😉 You will have almost every details which you can access through your PC from this mobile App.

Why to use this app instead of the Old Dashboard which is quite user friendly? Let me tell you why? 😉

The main reason for using this app is, all of us want to Earn at last and always keep an Hawk eye on what things are helping you earn and boost it with those ideas and reports. Lets talk about some features about this Adsense App by Google Inc.

Features of Google Adsense Official Android App :

+ Simple and Sober Dashboard
+ Easy to Access your Account
+ User Friendly Graphics
+ Auto Sync Updates
+ Everything at once
+ Exact Graphical Views
+ Notifications view
+ Multiple Access to Adsense Accounts

On your Google Adsense Dashboard you will have six different Tabs which includes Estimated Earnings, Page views,Clicks, Page CTR, CPC and at last Page RPM. Toggle to respective tab to get complete details about it. Also it has a customized sidebar which resembles to the sidebar of Classic view of our Adsense Dashboard on Desktop.

So if you are still using the Old Adsense Dashboard App, Grab this Google Adsense App from the Playstore and enjoy some awesome features of this App. I bet you won’t need a desktop after using this app to stay connected with your Adsense trackings and boost up your Earnings. 😉

Google Adsense App Sidebar consists of following Tabs: 

  • Overview
  • Products
  • Custom Channels
  • URL Cannels
  • Sites
  • Countries
  • Platforms
  • Ad Units
I Hope many would made up their minds switching to this brand new App for Google Adsense and feel free to give a feedback and do follow us for more updates.
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  1. New app is really cool. It has so many new features now 🙂

    Now. we can track our Adsense earnings with the better way…

    Gagan Masoun

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