I’m NOT going to make an official review or a paid sponsored ad about Flock. I’m simply writing my experience with flock and some silly reasons behind migrating my team from Slack to Flock. Consider it, but don’t take it seriously.

Slack was great, I always hated communicating via Facebook or Whatsapp etc for business activities. I’ve my team set and I found it really hard to communicate with them. Sending codes and documents was a hell of a job.

Slack totally solved those problems and I was very much comfortable with it (though I’m not a 100% utiliser of slack, I use it for my team communication activities).

One fine day, Tony John from techulator told me about his visit to Flock’s office and about their product. So I thought, we are anyway using slack, let us give flock a try and see what’s in it to show off.

Migration to Flock

Flock was clean (and I love clean designs). The migration process was as easy as starting up a new team on a completely different platform.

But it was okay, it took around 3-5 days to catch up with the content within slack, but then again we are very much attracted towards the interface of Flock.


The interface is dope, I love the color (I seriously hate the color of slack), I just fell in love with the typography and organization within the mac application. Everything was looking great.

a video might help

I strongly believe that having a better user interface is going to be a very big deal in the coming years. Users might not even think about reading or trying unless they feel comfortable with the website.

Flock was totally neat and beautiful, as I mentioned above, the typography was really something to stare at. It’s organized kinda like slack, but I feel some more visibility and my eyes are thanking me for the migration (maybe my brain).


I frankly don’t know whether the features I’m going to brief right now already exist in Slack, but I never used any such features in slack, because I never noticed it ( is it my bad? ).




Anyway, flock seems to be more efficient than slack and I love every moment of it. They have an amazing autocorrect algorithm and it works kind of similar to iPhone autocorrect system.

I just love it. It makes the typing so smooth that I could literally type anything and it will make it correct (for the first tell I fell in love with autocorrect).

Notes feature is nailing it, I could now create notes about my projects and share it with my colleagues, even I could create to-do lists and assign the job to a particular person without even using Wunderlist (they have wunderlist integration too).

Easy access to Google drive files (slack also had it), sharing codes (I love it and that’s one of my favorite features), creating a poll, adding reminders and even integrating Google analytics and getting traffic update every morning at 9 (that’s awesome).

Flock vs Slack

Nobody can help because people have different thoughts (or different kind of thoughts). May you fall in love with flock and your partner may like slack better.

It’s not only about migrating for features, it’s more about emotions, family, love, compassion, your dog (everything),


Flock made a video comparing their features with Slack and I guess you can take a decision after watching this video.


Reference Link: Flock vs Slack

According to me, flock vs slack is equal to sorry slack!

absolutely sorry, because I know you were the one who taught me how to manage a team, but I…

Flock is better slack, try to understand!

all good.

So far I’m very much comfortable with Flock and I never had a thought of migrating back to slack. Comfortability is something I always keep an eye on.

Let me know your experience with flock, because that counts a lot. As I said, your dog might bark even more in protest with the migration!



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November 29, 2017

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