This is NOT a guide on “How to sell your amazon blog on Flippa“, but my experience about selling an amazon blog. I’ll start by linking to my article explaining about the blog I sold on Flippa (it’s a story) and I’ll share my “exact” experience with Flippa.

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I wasn’t really interested in selling my amazon blog on Flippa, instead I was looking for a direct buyer to purchase my blog (I thought I’d get more money doing that way). But finally, I decided to give Flippa a try.

I already had experience selling domain names of Flippa, but I’ve never tried selling a blog. So I took some advices from my fellow bloggers and finally put a price tag of $3000 for my blog. I thought it was legit, not too pricy and not too shabby.

Flippa is the best platform to sell your websites (like sedo for domains) and I loved dealing with Flippa. They charge like anything, but I think it’s kind of ok to charge like that, because they ensure safety and they have a very good audience with great purchasing potential.

3 things



Make sure you add every detail about the blog clearly into the listing, you could even go for a Fiverr bid to complete your listing in a much professional way.

Do not fake, because that’s very important. Flippa is very strict about their quality rules and they are providing us a beautiful platform to help sell our blog and we should co-operate with their standards.

You gotta verify your analytics data and you’ve to keep the description neat and professional in order to attract good buyers. Attach every possible data supporting your income proof and traffic status (if not from Google analytics).

My experience with Flippa escrow was beautiful, it’s silky smooth when it comes to the transaction. The buyer will put the amount in advance, you transfer the blog to the buyer, he confirms it and you get paid (barely 7 days). It’s smooth and helps you save 3% from the success fee.

I paid another $75 to Flippa and its their promotion package. When you pay $75, they’ll show your blog on the home page of Flippa (websites) and you’ll surely get more attention and hits from great buyers. Well, it didn’t work out for me, because I sold it to a bidder who was interested on my blog before I made the payment of $75.

but it’s still worth a try.

and you can put a reserve price (which is very important).

Reserve price is like a target price, you can put a reserve price for your blog. Flippa won’t show this reserve price to the bidders, but you’ve the option to show the reserve price to certain bidders. I’ll always recommend you to put a reserve price for your blog and keep it hidden.

My reserve price was $3000 and that was my target price. I managed to hit the reserve price even days before my auction ending time.

But if your reserve price is $5000 and the last bid you got was $4500, then the listing gets cancelled and your site will not get sold.

If there is a reserve price, then the bidding should touch the reserve price to sell the blog on Flippa.

Few more things

That was my experience with Flippa, you can read more about the blog I sold on Flippa over here. It was a very good experience selling my amazon affilaite blog on Flippa and I loved the curiosity and excitement I had. It was fun.



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October 21, 2017

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