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Small Journey of Flappy Bird 2014 [Info Graphics]

Have you played flappy bird? How much is your high Score? we heard this sentence many times its just because of that we gave it a try but what’s now? we are crazy on flappy bird.And this sentence made the flappy bird Go Viral.Yes,flappy bird is the most addictive game in the world which ruled out the complete Game-o-Sphere with its low quality graphics and a simple concept.Let’s see a small journey of Flappy bird through this InfoGraphics.
Hope you all enjoyed this journey and would you like to share this on your blog? Aha! Ofcourse you can this is not just for me and blogbeatz.The Info Graphics is developed by Krishna Moorthy D (Me) and I’m giving you the complete rights to use this Info Graphics in your blog with some conditions.
To Add This Info Graphics On Your Blog Just Add this code.(Embed).
Info Graphics Code :
<a href=””><img src=””></a><a href=””>Courtesy : BlogBeatz</a>
That’s it add this code in your blog post.If we find any blogs using this Info Graphics without these above code or Proper terms, then it will lead to copyright violation so please respect our work.
Hope you all enjoy,Thanks and Keep Visiting BlogBeatz.



  1. Hi Krishna,

    Fantastic creation of infographics, Nice to see you your blog and yoour journey of Flappy bird. You are doing good. Keep continue good work!

  2. Hi Krishna,

    Flappy Bird was truly an amazing game which definitely created history! Ohh! yes loved that infographic.. 🙂

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