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Guide to find the Keyword Difficulty Score

keyword difficulty

This keyword is hard, yes that keyword is really hard to rank with a website like this. This statement often comes to our thoughts when we start researching keywords. This keyword is awesome, I’m sure I can do it, this is the most amazing thought which hits our brain with happiness. Yes, analyzing a keyword has a lot to do with the SEO campaign. Suppose if you’re about to do an SEO campaign, then you should analyze the keywords, their status and much more.

Remember : The keywords with low search volume doesn’t mean that it’s less competitive, also a keyword with high volume doesn’t mean that it has high competition.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty is nothing but the difficulty score of a certain keyword for the purpose of ranking. For example, you cannot easily go out and rank your website for the keyword Google. I’m not saying that’s impossible, but it’s only possible with huge efforts. At the same time, you can easily rank for some keywords which may have very low search volume or with medium search volume. So you have to put your time researching the keywords, also you have to spend another 1 or 2 hours looking the difficulty of a certain keyword manually.

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This method will help you analyze the keyword difficulty without spending much time, to be precise you just need seconds 🙂

Keyword Difficulty Analysis

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This 3-minute video explains the steps to find keyword difficulty score of a certain keyword. It’s time saving and quick 🙂

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Steps to Find Keyword Difficulty

Step 1 : Go to SEMrush

Step 2 : Add the keyword in the search box (To know more data about the keyword, you should enter the keyword in the text box, if you’re on research just keep researching the keywords and you’ll see the keyword difficulty score on the right side)


Step 3 : Select the target country to calculate the precise keyword difficulty score, they have around 25+ different countries in their database which is insanely cool!


Step 4 : Click on search and expand the keywords to view full report so that you can research comfortably. On the right side of the expanded report, you can see something called KD (which is keyword difficulty). That’s the percentage score for the keyword you gave.

Step 5 : Plan your SEO campaign according to the keyword difficulty score, especially the keyword difficulty score helps us analyze the time required to finish the campaign. That’s one of the great advantages.

keyword difficulty

Final Verdict

SEMRush is a great tool to do all this kinda stuff which saves a lot of time and money, keyword difficulty analysis is an irritating thing and it’s very important either. Spending money on this kinda tool will surely help in making the campaign effective and performing. I just came across this article which explains the keyword difficulty thing in depth. Let me know your doubts, feedbacks in comments.

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The above-linked article explains keyword difficulty in detail, it will be helpful for sure!

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  1. Great article Krishna! Have you tried some other tools besides SEMRush or do you use exclusively this program?

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