Making a side income is something we all love to do, let it be a micro niche blog or an AdSense blog or may be a small e-book or a product. When it comes to micro niche blogs which are primarily focused on AdSense as the core revenue source, high CPC keywords are necessary.

High CPC Keywords

Trust me, if you’re ranking for around 5-10 high CPC keywords then you’ll see big dollars coming into your Google AdSense account. CPC stands for cost per click which means the amount of money you get when someone clicks on your ad after coming through specific parameters.

The advertisers will compete on AdWords bidding to stand on top for a certain keyword which might be potential for them to promote their product or services. These keywords keep on growing and their CPC value will go high.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll get high CPC value for every click, there are certain parameters like the behavior of the user, country which decides the cost per click value. 


Imagine that you’re ranking for a high CPC keyword which comes around $100 for a click, so if a user who is coming perfectly through all these parameters clicks on the advertisement, you’ll earn a share. Because Google pays 68% of the cost to the publisher according to their policies which come around $68 (of course, a good amount per click).

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So the question is,

Finding High CPC Keywords

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This simple  3-minute video will explain you, how to find best CPC keywords easily with the tool SEMRush, you can read more about the tool here SEMRush review (Coupon inside) .

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Steps to Find High CPC Keywords

Step 1 : Go to SEMrush 

Step 2 : Type in your keyword (The keyword which you wanted to research. If you wanted to find great CPC keywords, then type the popular keywords in your niche and click view full report).


Step 3 : Choose your country (They have the database of around 25 different countries including USA, UK , India etc, so choose your target country).


Step 4 : Click on search and expand the related keyword to view full report.

Step 5 : You can now see the high CPC keywords just by clicking this button

cpc keyword

Final Verdict

SEMrush is a great tool to do all these kinda stuff easily without putting many efforts. Just go through the review and you’ll know how good this tool is to help you analyze and research a specific niche. Investing money in tools like this is as important as ranking for a keyword because it really helps you save time and money at the same time. Time is money, to know the real value of the time you need to use this tool. For me, I spent money on these tools rather than hiring someone who is ok with SEO. I need perfection, so I use SEMrush! Make more money and earn more trust, let me know your doubts and feedbacks in comment 🙂