Fin : Wear Your World

In the Current Market we can see many new Gadget’s arriving and hitting the Gadget markets without any shakes.Just like that I came to find out one called Fin ,to be frank now I’m in love with it.I’m not owning it and its not even launched officially but I’m in love with it.Fin is developed by RHL Vision Pvt.Ltd who are from the StartUp Village.I’m more interested to review this product because I’m a malayalee(Keralite) and the inventors are also malayalee’s especially they work near my house almost 20 Km away that’s it.
N.RohilDev CEO – RHLVision and Fin
So Let talk more about the features and Invention of Fin.
What is Fin ?
To be clear “Fin is a ringeven you can call it as a magic ring.Yes it is a magic ring.Apart from other gadget invention like smart watch, Fin has its own uniqueness.FIn is a Gesture Control Palm Interface,where you can control your Phone,TV,Car etc…with the finger’s and Palm.Just wear the Ring and control everything with your palm.Just see this Image and Find out the thingy behind it.



Why Should You Buy Fin
There are many reasons for you to buy Fin because in any case it’s totally worth it.As I said above you can use fin to make your life go smoother and easier.Fin is more helpful to blind peoples and they are giving it for a price of $59 for blind ones.If you know someone who is blind please recommend and help him.At your office,at your car ,at your home whatever,fin is usefull ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Price and Eco
Fin is available at a very low cost compared to its features.You can grab a Fin for $109 and I’m damn sure that its worth the money you Spend on it.Fin is moving very fast that it got more than $136k at the pre booking stage and you can check it here .
Here watch a Video on Using Fin ๐Ÿ™‚

Final Verdict
Fin is an amazing invention by N.Rohil Dev and hat’s off to him for bringing up this amazing invention.Fin has been already featured in TechCrunch,Yahoo,AOL etc.  and that’s something cool isn’t it? So Just one verdict go for Fin  and wear the world in your fingers ๐Ÿ™‚
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