We all know that Facebook is making us unproductive in every aspect, but have you ever thought of emails? Well, I’m 90% sure that emails are taking out a lot of your time and it’s making your unproductive indeed.


Just like every blogger starts, Facebook is the largest social networks and millions of users are using Facebook every day or millions of people’s are wasting their good amount of time and they’re becoming unproductive eventually.

As per my experience, Facebook has affected my life a lot and it made me really unproductive. Currently, I found few methods to stay away from facebook and I started becoming productive indeed. Facebook is killing a lot of your valuable time, but keep in mind that time is the most important resource we have and you can never purchase time. So if you’re serious about your work and if you’re about to reach your goal, your dream, then stay away from Facebook as much as possible because you can use it anytime in future.


Reading emails and working on emails will make your productive but checking emails each and every moment is making you unproductive. Just like opening Facebook, a good majority of us is using Gmail or other email services to check our emails every minute. The time we spent on these emails services is not so little and it really counts. You should always have a schedule to check emails, have a proper timing to sent email and reply to the emails you get. Enable mobile notifications so that you won’t miss important emails. Replying to emails from mobile is indeed a good idea to save time.

Facebook + Email

Facebook is a damn serious time killer + email is indeed a time killer, so the combination of both is a time killer + unproductivity booster. Using both of these continuously will surely affect your productivity. Productivity comes out when you’re concentrating on something and doing it properly without any disturbances. No matter how important Facebook and Emails are, if you’re working on something then concentrate on that alone and boost up your productivity. Don’t even think about open any other tabs, just focus on it and use.

This is an alert! If you’re continuously opening email and Facebook while you’re working, then do avoid it from now because it’s seriously affecting your productivity. You may try some Google Chrome plugins to block these websites 🙂