content marketing


Content is the king! blah you’ve used hearing this statement again and again.Actually content is the king and we all agree with that after the release of Panda 4.0.But what if play with our content? I got a question to ask you ๐Ÿ™‚ If I market one of my blog post in a bad way, then will it affect my blog in anyway? please let me know your answers in comment ๐Ÿ™‚ spare some seconds for that so that the readers and I can also get some good ideas related to it.

According to me, I don’t play with my content.I always make sure my content marketing side is safe in order to make my blog clean and healthy as well.But making your blog clean and healthier is not the ending. You’ve to take care of each and everything you do with your blog.Let it be marketing side or traffic side or even content side, just make it perfect.I wonder why these peoples get into spamming their blog post for silly traffic and few adsense bucks :/ that’s so weird.Anyways let me remember you the content marketing methods and ethics you should follow while marketing your content.

No Spamming Here

Do you love the web? If yes, please consider it as a holy place and stop spamming the web and taking it to the way of hell.Spammers are killing the web and the blog-o-sphere either.Never spam your niche blogs and especially never ever spam your main blog or a content of it.If you start spamming your blog for silly traffic then I’m pretty sure that your blog’s future is 0.It’s too difficult to recover a blog from the spammy world.Spamming is completely an unethical way of developing traffic, so I request you to stop spamming and follow the best ethical methods to market your content.

Wrong Try!

Doing the out dated content marketing techniques fall in this category.If you do meaningless stuffs on your blog or content for traffic like adding meta tags for SEO etc then I should say its out dated and unethical.Especially stuffing keywords for more search engine ranks and adding some meaningless less words to increase the word count also sucks and its completely unethical.Never run and waste your time running behind them.

For every positive side there is a negative side too, just like for every ethical stuffs there are unethical methods too.Make sure you don’t get interested to that kinda stuffs ๐Ÿ™‚ keep calm and work hard to make the hell out of you.Wrong methods are not going to take us anywhere.

Rules! Crazy

This is one of bad side of content marketing and its known to only a few group of peoples.Actually some companies are releasing some kinda rules and they own some keywords.Some bloggers and marketers like me and you,without knowing those rules we market our content and we pick them up hard to a good position.Actually you may be promoting a companies product and you may be getting some good affiliate commission.

Take care of those thingy’s before promoting that kinda contents.Make sure the keywords are free to rank.Suppose if you rank good then they have the complete power to terminate your affiliate account or even to file a case against you.

To be precise this is just a warning article to let you know more about the secret and public content marketing ethics and make sure you don’t get into some weird situations ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day.