PayPal is the world’s best and number #1 online bank, billions of dollars are transacted every year with PayPal. A very good majority of the foreign online users are presently using PayPal to send and receive payments easily.



You might have seen the UI (User interface) changes of PayPal which is simply awesome and clean. Even though they’ve changed the UI, but still the security of PayPal is still unaffected and its perfectly safe. I used to get messages on my phone like “This company paid you $100 blah blah blah” and I really find this interesting. When someone sends you payment, the very next second you’ll receive the SMS on your phone (in India or any country) with the details of the payment. Well, that’s real happiness you know, when you get paid for something 😀 . The key to that kinda happiness is easy as 2 steps, enabling the SMS notifications will solve your problem and here’s how 🙂

Step 1: Confirm the Mobile

In order to get SMS notifications on your mobile, you’ll have to verify your mobile number with PayPal. The SMS verification is just a usual thing to avoid problems with your account and payments. The step is simple,


Go here and click Confirm Mobile, if you can’t see this page then click the Gear Icon (gear) on the top of your dashboard or PayPal page. There you can see something like this,


Click the Confirm option and you’ll have to confirm your phone number with the verification code they sent to your mobile.


Enter the code which you got on your phone and click “Validate”. You’ve successfully confirmed your mobile phone number 😀 Yay!

Step 2: #Notifications : ON

Now you gotta turn ON the mobile notifications which are turned OFF my default. For that, go settings and click “Notifications


When you click notifications, you’ll get to see a page like this and here’s the pepper,


Can you see that mobile icons in white colour? Well, if it’s in blue colour then you don’t have to do anything special and sorry for killing your time. But if it’s in white colour like in the picture above, then you need to enable the mobile notification by clicking on it (maybe 3 of them 😉 ) and it looks like this


Done Done Done! Ting! You’ve received a payment 😀 and you’re happy either. That’s how you fix this minor issue yet a key to happiness. Enable all notifications or selected ones according to your preference. If you find this article useful, please do Share it 🙂 .