Get Email Notifications When Your Blog is Facing Downtime


Downtime is always a nightmare for bloggers and webmasters out there. The websites which are generating revenue every second will surely go loss when they’re facing downtime. Bloggers will lose search engine traffic and traffic from other sources as well.

Facing downtime is usual and it depends on the server we are currently using. I’m running a blog and I don’t need high-end servers to manage my blogs. Purchasing high-end servers will boost my expenses and it doesn’t make any difference to me. But still, if my blog is facing downtime then I’ll be in a hurry to get it back as fast as possible because I’m losing “traffic” or my users. But how do I know whether my blog is facing downtime or not?


Getting alerted when your blog is facing downtime is one of the best features one can ever provide. You might have heard of Jetpack especially if you’re a WordPress user (This article is written for WordPress bloggers). Jetpack is a WordPress plugin which is stuffed with a lot of features to make your WordPress experience amazing. You can even check your websites statistics through Jetpack and the plugin has got a lot of other features too, like Jetpack monitor.

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The JetPack monitor is a feature within the JetPack plugin and this feature is a brilliant feature indeed. JetPack monitor will let you know when your blog is facing downtime and also when your blog is back from the downtime. This feature is 100% free and you don’t need to pay any monthly subscription charges for using this. You’ll get an email like the image which I added above, when your blog is facing downtime and also when its up,



Enable it!

Enabling this feature is easy as eating an apple. If you’ve already Installed JetPack, then follow the steps written below. If you’ve not, then download the JetPack plugin > Install it > Connect with WordPress account.

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Single step

Log into your WordPress dashboard, click on JetPack and you’ll see a page like this,


In these options, you can see Monitor ^ right here, just click on “Activate” button to activate email notifications when your blog is facing downtime. As I said, this feature is more powerful and free to get downtime notifications so that you can fix the downtime as fast as possible.

If you wanted to change the email address, then click on Configure option and change the email ID here by clicking the edit option.


Now, this looks good! Well, if you face any issues or problems while enabling this, do contact me by commenting here. Also, comment your feedbacks about this article and do share this method with your friends 🙂 Thank You!



  1. Newbie Bloggers will love this tutorial , is there any kind of plugins for self coded blogs .

  2. Good article bro…

    This is great service from WordPress!

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