Yes, one or the other way we work for money, to earn more and more money. We bloggers want to make our career in Blogging just to earn money, is that so??


If you are not been known for your Blog, you are doing everything wrong. 

If yes you are on a wrong path and you are not getting everything out of Blogging. A Blogger indeed is a personality more than a profession, more than a passion. Yeah I would agree that earning money is the livelihood Motto of this generation but other than earning money, blogging will change your life Scenario.

If you are passionate about Blogging, no matter what happens ,you will always respect your passion.You may face struggles in you blogging journey, you may stop earning for a while but you will always have something to cheer about. You will never stop learning new things and ,let me tell you the benefits of being blogger other than Earning Money

+ Personal Branding 

Best thing you will Earn with blogging is Branding, personal branding. A name on Internet which every person desire of. If you have talent, you will be a famous face within no time. Blogging is the best platform to show your skills and convert them into a brand name for you.

I will be proud to be searched by my name on Google(Any Search Engine) than rewarded for a Hundred Dollars. 


+ Never Ending Knowledge

Being a blogger, you can never stop learning new things. You will be updated with everything because you need to be online most of the time surfing for latest trends.“Knowledge is Wealth”

+ Networking

Blogger communities are very famous for sharing knowledge and a very friendly environment.You will meet new peoples all around the Globe,  you may meet some extraordinary personalities too. Share your experiences, learning things from their experiences would help you a lot in developing yourself.


Writing Skills

Everyone want to write Quality things, but it cannot be done easily. You will have to just practice more and more on reading as well as writing.Being a blogger, you will have to read whole day from quality articles to some scrappy works. You will improve you Vocabulary as well as Article Presentation by learning things from quality articles and upgrading yourself from some scrappy things.


+ Personality

Yeah personality, I didn’t mean blogging will turn you into a stud. It will give you Professional Instinct with a cool change in your Attitude towards certain things.Many think that Bloggers are sort of Nerds, but that’s not a right word to use here. Bloggers are Geeks about what they do and what they learn everyday.


+ Entrepreneurship

Almost everyone want to be an Editor or Chief of an Organization, so here you get a chance to create your own Organization and create a Brand of yourself. Some Aspire to be writers and some to build business, so figure out what turns you about Blogging.Everything turns me about blogging from the word Personal Branding to create a new friend of your respective field and learn something new every time.

Final Verdict

Blogging is just not all about money, it is about being a Blogger, all about being a person with unmatchable confidence and personality, all about being marvelous at your work, all about being understanding and practical. Finally its all about being nearly Perfect.

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