You could easily embed a video from Youtube with their embed code provided on each video and it looks something like this.

You can take this code by clicking share button and choosing the “embed video” option. When you click on that embed video option, you’ll probably see something like this.


Can you see an option called “Show suggestion videos” ? ok now disable it and use the code on any of your website (except Divi inbuilt video gallery).

Yes, I mean it!

When you notice this code carefully, you’ll find something like ?rel=0 at the end of the Youtube video link and that’s what they use to stop the videos from showing suggestions.

but then again, that won’t work well with divi. Divi has got their own feature to add a video gallery and you could even put Youtube video links to create a beautiful looking video gallery on Divi, but it will show related videos (without a doubt).


The solution is very simple, adding ?rel=0 at the end of the video link “should” automatically stop Youtube videos from showing the suggestions, but as it doesn’t work on Divi, we have to seek the help of a plugin,

I tried this one.

Hide YouTube Related Videos

and it worked.

Even Divi stopped showing related videos and suggestions from Youtube links added inside the Divi video gallery. I thought of sharing this because I couldn’t find any other working method on the web.

Hope this helps, it was fun (at least for me).


October 24, 2017


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