Digital Marketing for Newbie’s: A Solution to Become Rich

Marketing New Tips.Yeah! welcome and for your knowledge it’s time to make a change in your life.Actually 1000’s of newbie’s are coming to blogging nowadays may be you are one of them but did you have a thought that you can easily make BIG money with blogging? From my experience you cannot.This quote may make you disappointed but take in mind that Blogging is an Art.Anyone can learn it but you should have a desire to learn it otherwise it’s going to give you nothing.I’ve seen many blogger who really love blog and they are simply cool that they make big money online from their blog. ShoutMeLoud – Harsh Agarwal (@Denharsh) He’s my inspiration and he’s a great blogger who loves his blog and make big money with it. So,when you come to Make Money Online why you guys are always thinking about blogging even though there are lots of other way to make big money online.The reason behind it is that while surfing you may saw someone who is making some money and you try to follow them.You may ask me what are the other methods to make money online and the answer I can give you is Marketing ;). So here I’m going to say you about the opportunities which you may or may not know in Internet.According to me Inspiration First.  Because simply just typing something and you reading those doesn’t make any difference in you as well as in me.So If you get an Inspiration you can be more Interested to it and you can see how things work when you put on your Hardwork. So here I’m not going to Inspire you with Toppers but the masters. 😉

   Zac Johnson    Online Marketer     Zac Johnson is inspirirng me a lot since 1 year I’ve        read many things about him and he’s an Intelligent        marketer and he is one the world’s top Marketer. Income – $100000 Website :

Zion Amal Rafeeq   Online Marketer and CEO        (DigiHawker)      As I said I’m not going to Inspire you with    Toppers.But  in the online marketing field we can see    the future  toppers.Yes, I think I’m right. Actually Zion    Amal Rafeeq  is an amazing marketer.I wrote about him  just because I  bought his DigiHawker and I’m totally  speechless.It’s a  Digital Marketing Guide and It’s highly  reccomended  one.See it here  Website: BloggerDoc and DigiHawker  Income : $980 Twitter Profiles : @ZionAmalRafeeq and Zac Johnson  : @moneyreign What is Digital Marketing ? Digital Marketing is simple and hard also, seems to be confused right.Don’t worry ,actually Digital Marketing is that you have to sell products. For eg: If some company like Godaddy etc. is having an affiliate systems and they may have different commissions like 30% to even 100% so what if you are concentrating on that and the main thingy behind it is that you don’t need a website for this.Just your presence in Social Media Works for you. Make Money with Digital Marketing So when it comes to making money with it you can make BIG money with it and I’m 100% sure that you can make BIG money from marketing but you should put hardwork on it. Think of this situation, You are creating your own Digital Good that may be an E-Book or any Digital Good, and you are selling it.And what if 10 peoples buy that in a month??. Sorry Amal for taking your words.To be frank with you guys this is the question asked by Amal to me while I thought of coming to online marketing.When I got this question I was thinking like “Will 10 Peoples buy that in a Month”  and I asked him the same and He replied “hehe Bro may be 100” and that gave me a Heart attack. You just think of it. You are creating your own product and selling it online for say $20 and if you make 100 sales a month you make $2000 a month and that’s a lot.After that I bought his DigiHawker and finally I got my answer, I’m speechless about that. I strongly Reccommend you to buy that product.It is full of new Marketing tips and a Fully Stuffed marketing Guide with free Consultancy Service. How to Get Started To get started it’s easy and If you are serious about it you should buy DigiHawker or If you are not planning to invest and wanted to make some money online with marketing then go for Affiliate Marketing and Start making money as a part of it you can try DigiHawker’s Affiliate Program They Pay 65% Commission and That’s really cool that you can make $23 from Each Sale you make.You can try other affiliate marketing products also. Tip : Twitter and Facebook and other Social Media can make you big Income with this. Final Verdict So guys, If you are interested in blogging then go for it or If you just wanted to make money online and that too for fast then marketing will work.Try to build your social Media Power and get good conversion.Contacts can bring you to success.See you around Keep Visiting and Feel free to ask Doubts.


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