Create Your own Alexa Toolbar in 3 Easy Steps

create alexa toolbar

Last week I made a post about how to get alexa rank and what is the importance of alexa rank ,If you missed it then please read

+ How to get Alexa Rank for Your Blog/Webiste

Alexa is the world’s No:1 website to check the rank of any website everyone stumble upon alexa to check their ranks of their websites.So what if ,if you are creating a toolbar for alexa of your own in the branding of your own blog or website so that you can easily engage your readers more to your blog using alexa toolbar and even you can get more traffic using their facebook ,twitter ,feed support.

Generating traffic from alexa toolbar is a bit different way of thinking in terms of traffic sources because here in alexa toolbar you can add your own

+ Your own Logo
+ Your Twitter Links
+ Your FeedLink
+ Your Facebook Link
+ Search Bar Pointing to your Website

If you are not sure about your own alexa toolbar and would like to see it, then see it own

Click Here to See Mock Byte’s Alexa Toolbar and Give it a Try

This alexa toolbar works on all the present famous browsing platforms like firefox , Chrome, IE etc..
Many peoples asks me whether it works on firefox and for them, it is working properly on firefox ,even in the old versions of firefox so that firefox users can use it from now to generate traffic.

Review of Alexa Toolbar

Don’t worry it’s just a small review, anyways alexa toolbar is good and free to use ,even there are many advantages for it

So, we can give it a review rate of 4/5.

How to Create your Own Alexa Toolbar For Free in 3 Easy Steps

alexa toolbar review

+ Select a Name

Pick a name for your Alexa toolbar as a First Step in less than 50 Characters (Give your Company’s or Blog’s Name)

+ Complete it,Giving the Links

Complete the main procedures using your facebook ,twitter and RSS link, I recommend you to use your website’s name as search link.Facebook and Twitter links can be used as your Links in toolbar.

+ Design your Page

Design your “Download Page ”  and make it look good and attractive so that your readers will surely download it.

That’s it your download page is complete and it’s time to share your link,personally I am saying that it’s Good


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  2. Thank you for explaining! I’m going to try it for my student’s platform site

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