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Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging is one of the important things , you really wanted to know about. Have you ever thought of increasing your online product sales by  30% to 50%+ with corporate blogging? From your point of view, corporate blogging might be the concept of updating your company’s news and information on your business blog, but there are unlimited opportunities to improve your sales with corporate blogging. Well, we have both packages for you and let’s discuss more 🙂

#Usual Corporate Blogging

We provide usual corporate blogging services for companies at a very affordable price starting at ₹3000/ month. We will update the perfect information on your blog according to your request and the updates of your company as well. We will do the basic search engine optimization and few press release activities as well. Hiring a corporate blogger or a blogging team is kinda hard in this  country and that’s why we are providing online corporate blogging services. To know more about our profile, scroll down!

#Advanced Corporate Blogging

Advanced corporate blogging is the concept of driving users to your blog and converting them to purchase your product. Well, we will write company information and updates on your business blog and we will add up some great articles and some great search engine optimization techniques which will include back-link building and other advanced optimizations to grow the user base and audience. We will maintain everything in a perfect way so , your users won’t feel anything wrong with your company blog. Our advanced corporate blogging packages are affordable with a base price of ₹15000/ month. We don’t usually take all the advanced corporate blogging offers, we do have a team to analyze your product and the corporate blogging opportunity’s. If we are okay with your product and our schedules, then we will surely take your order. We will take 90% of the usual corporate blogging orders.

We are a team!

I’m Krishna Moorthy D, a digital marketer, blogger, SEO strategist who has been working in the field for 4 years. I’ve driven a lot of sales to many of the companies out there and blogging is my passion. I have a team of designers, writers, SEO experts and a lot more crazy thinkers. We were doing corporate blogging and currently we are offering it publicly 🙂

We drove 50 new sign-ups to Appilder in  just one month with advanced corporate blogging.

It happened in a month and it keeps  growing! If you really want to try us and feel the difference 🙂 Contact me by clicking here or email to, give me a call to +91 8606536820.

Let’s discuss more about your plans and expectations regarding corporate blogging, I’m comfortable with phone calls and emails as well. We are in Kochi, Kerala so if you’re around, let’s meet in person and discuss the stuff 🙂 Happy blogging and happy sales!

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