How to Compose Plagiarism Free Content


Plagiarism means stealing someone else’s ideas and delivering it as one’s own work. In the world of internet, the term ‘plagiarism’is used to identify or segregate the duplicate content from the original ones. To check the growing number of plagiarized content Google has updated a lot of algorithm checks and has been quite successful in doing this. May whatever the case is, plagiarism shouldn’t be tolerated. However, often the act of content duplicity isn’t intentional. This happens when a writer is asked to compose a huge number of articles based on the same topic. In such a situation, writers end up plagiarizing their own articles unknowingly. Scan through the below mentioned domains to understand the various acts of plagiarism.

  • Copying sentences from a content
  • Copying words and placing them in the same sequence. Duplicating more than 3 consecutive words is plagiarism.
  • Self-plagiarism wherein the writer copy his own article
  • Posting article without proper citation
  • Stealing someone’s copyright images
  • Stealing ideas

Though, delivering duplicate content may not be your fault everytime, when detected can destroy your good will completely. Here are a few tips that may assist you compose plagiarism free articles.


Let creativity be the key

Expanding your thoughts behind the horizon can enable you write original articles. With the given topic make research as much as possible and gather detailed information. Once you have done that form the content all by yourself without referring from any other sources. Rewriting articles shouldn’t be encouraged.


Citation is must

If you have quoted any sentence from any site, then make sure you have done proper citation.


Avoid paraphrasing

There are a few people who copies paragraphs directly from online resources. This should be stopped completely. Thinking that replacing some words with synonyms, wouldn’t be effective as there are many powerful online tools to detect duplicate content, even if it has been paraphrased.


Repeating sentence structure is a strict No No

Copying structure is an offense. Hence, using a particular resource to create a new one is illegal. Remember, original articles will draw more traffic and therefore will boost your site’s reputation.

A web surfer searches to find something new and informative. It is thus quite obvious to them to lose their interest when they find articles on similar ideas posted in two different sites. Hence, it is recommended to stay original.

However, it is understandable that writing on the same topic can cause repetition of ideas. In that case many online plagiarism checkers are there that can help you find whether your article is plagiarized or not. With their help you even can check plagiarism percentage online .Also, they will compare your recent text with the original one and highlight the similar words and sentences. This way you can edit the article easily and thus can post a plagiarism free content in the website. In a nutshell, avoid borrowing ideas from resources in order to present a fresh and informative content.

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