Cleaning up your email list is one hell of a task. By cleaning up, I mean to find the bouncing ones and removing them from your list. I know that almost majority of the email marketing tools takes good care of the cleaning process.

But how about cleaning your inactive email list?

I recently cleaned my email list and categorized it into different small lists to run an A/B testing. So I was looking forward to cleaning my inactive list so that I could expect something better in the coming days.


Removing the bouncing emails is the real task, thank god I found this beautiful little service called Voila Nobert. I just got an email today morning from them introducing their new email verification system.

I thought of giving it a try.

Ok stop! THIS is NOT a paid promotion. Stop being suspicious about that. This is my experience with Voila Nobert email verification system. That’s it!

I did give it a try. I uploaded a small file with around 371 emails and observed how it works. It was fast, and affordable at the same time. I paid $2 (up to 500 emails) and he gave me back a downloadable .zip file with files like,







That’s your list, the clean one which you can use to start your email marketing campaign. It contains the risky ones too, but risky ones are not really risky for sure.

I just verified the deliverable.csv file and I could see genuine looking emails. I think they’re doing it right.

Bounce.csv is a list of useless emails that happens to be in the list when some people subscribe for fun. I kicked out.


Don’t take that into consideration because some email providers like won’t allow this kind of bots to do the email verification process and I appreciate that.

Though Nobert is completely aware of it and he has already added all that emails into my deliverable.csv list. Nicely done.


$2 for 500 emails doesn’t sounds like a big deal. That’s $20 for 5000 emails and $200 for 50000 emails. 

If you’ve a huge list, then you might have to pay a huge amount, but then I think it’s totally worth doing it. A clean list gives more clarity about the responses and engagement form your email subscribers.

Free try (not trial)



You can give it a try (not a trial though).

Just login or create an account. Over the left side of your dashboard, you’ll find an option to verify your emails.


Yea, that’s the one

Click on “verify” and you’ll be asked to upload your csv file. You can download the csv file from your email marketing tool or if you’ve it, you’re good to go.

After when you upload the csv file, they’ll process it for a moment. You can make the payment at the same time and they’ll make it 10x faster when you pay them.

You can just see the numbers for free and you don’t have to pay for it. They’ll tell you about the bounce percentage and the risky percentage, but to the get the final downloadable file, you gotta pay! (worth it).

Bottom line

If you’ve an active email list or if your email marketing tool is already cleaning your list, then you’re good to go. But if you’re planning to do an A/B testing or if you want to clean your list with a third party service, then I’d surely recommend Voila Nobert. I’m a big fan of his works!

Let me know what you think about this cleaning process. What’s your deliverable score? let me know in the comments below and make sure you keep it clean! ?

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November 8, 2017

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