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Hey Before reading this take a look at the above picture its says the real fact that you should know before coming to make money blogging.Yes, you have to open the powerful rock to earn some money inside it.For that what you need? It’s Hardwork and Hardwork.So let me start with the real life stuffs.If you want to make Rs.1000 or $20 from your local area or a shop near your house what should you do!? “You have to Work” Its quite self explanatory that when someone comes to the shop and buy’s a product and the shop owner gets a profit out of it, from that profit he pays you., The Cycle is quite good.But according to my knowledge many I really mean “many” have a thought that you can make $20 easily from Internet without doing anything.My Dear Friend You are wrong and you cannot earn $20 from Online by doing nothing unless and until you work on it.Keep in mind in this article I’m only talking about Legit topics ,you may be earning $ online by doing nothing with some black methods if you’re ,please don’t read this article.

So Let me continue with my topic.Oh Yeah you cannot make $20 easily but if you work on your blog or if you are benefiting someone they’ll pay you for sure and that’s how you make money online.The best thing you’ve to keep in Mind is “No One is Ready to Give Money For Free” This is a real fact.You know different methods to monetize your blog like Adsense,Affiliate Marketing,Sponsored Reviews,Direct Advertising Etc.. but when you make $1 or $2 from adsense or $50 from affiliate marketing or $20 from Sponsored reviews ,do you think  that you got these things by doing nothing? Never ,if someone comes to your blog with an offer its because you have worked on it.If you make $10 out of adsense its because you worked on it If you make $100 out of affiliate marketing because you worked on it.

But how you worked on it? You wrote many articles, You tried hard to bring traffic, you spent time to learn many thing related to it, you worked hard, because of that you got many offers to work with companies to promote them so that they can grow up their business and they pay you from a profit they get out of their business.Does it feels something similar like I said before? Yes it is .So the current blog-o-sphere is having a foundation of good bloggers who worked hard to make the blog-o-sphere “Powerful”.But why the hell are you not making money online from your blog ? Because you’re not working.Yes, may be you’ve written 100+ articles or more but you don’t have traffic else if you have both and then also if you are not making money its because you are not working smarter.Always work smarter.You may have seen many successful bloggers in India as well as in other countries but if you look back into the way they came through ,you’ll understand what’s the meaning of Hardwork.

So You’re a Poor and want to make some money online to make a living out of it? Sorry to say brother you have to work hard.Does it feels crazy that I’m always throwing “Work hard” “Work Hard”?? let it be ,anyway we can take a rest for a while.So you want to know how I make money online ?If yes here it goes.

I’m not a Big blogger or a Famous Indian blogger to make $10000 per month but I do make $200-$400 a month from blogging but actually its not blogging ,don’t worry I’ll say that.I’m running a blogging niche blog where I share all my experiences and things I learn related to blogging.So making big money out of my blog is not that easy because if you have 10k daily traffic also you won’t be making $1 a day from Blogging niche blogs.Anyway I’m working hard on building my blog and I think its going good.Feel free to share your thoughts about my Blogbeatz.

The way I make money online is from my clients! Yes, after seeing my works here on blogbeatz many guys have contacted me to Hire Me and I’ve worked with many guys and that’s how I make money online.I offer many services like Freelancing , SEO Consultancy etc.But why they are Hiring Me? Seriously I don’t know why but when I asked my clients they say that’s because of my blog.Let it be so coming back to heading ,You’re a Poor and want to make money online.

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Now you’re worried but you know why you’re not making money online right? Yes I think you know.But I have solution for that don’t worry.As I say “always find a Unique method”



So the first ever thing I gotta say to you is “Learn and Have Some Skills” Skills are the secret behind making money online and according to my knowledge 90% of the people in the world is earning something because of their skill.According to my Opinion selling skills is the best method to make big money online.If I’m making something out of my clients its because I’ve some SEO and Bloggging Skills.If you are bringing huge traffic to your blog then its your skill and only few peoples are having it, so what you can do it Sell that skill.The best thing happening here is you can sell many copies not just one!.No one is useless in this world.So start learning something creative and useful to you as well as it should be easy to sell because you need money right .? Yeah.

All I can say is don’t waste your time expecting dollars from Adsense and other methods! first learn and have some skills even blogging is a skill ,you can learn blogging also.So Work hard and try to learn a skill and sell it.I’m damn sure you’ll make money online.So here if you have any doubts please do share and let me know your feeling after reading this.By Your Krishna Moorthy D from Blogbeatz. 🙂


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  2. Awesome and useful post bro Keep rocking 🙂

  3. Great Article Krishna Bro. Very Informative..

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    Nice Post ! You Have Covered Complete Tutorial 🙂
    Did You Looked At Words ? I Mean Word Count 😀

  5. Awesome Post Krishna Bro. You published the real real facts of Make Money Blogging”> in this post 🙂

  6. I won’t say that this is your best post as I know that Krishna Moorthy D can write more better than this… I think that after this post you will be writing many superb posts on your blog. I hope to see small paragraphs . As you said this post has more than 1000 words, I hope that the next one would have double or triple number of words.Yeah I am expecting posts with 2000 to 3000 words on BlogBeatz..All the best Krishna..

  7. That was a nice say!

    The real secret behind making money blogging is uniqueness and skill. We should not imitate the professionals and try to develop as per our own skills. An original is always worth more than 1000 copies!

    If you really know how to make money with your blog and are willing to do it, nobody can stop you for sure!

    Be motivated! Keep posting!

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